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BlogWorld & New Media Expo and Social Media Business Summit comprise the world’s largest new media event and social media business conference, providing the most comprehensive education for blogging, podcasting, social media marketing and networking, content distribution, monetization and more. But it’s also a great place for networking and fun!

Below is a small sampling of photos from the 2009 event…

This slide show features photos from the conference, keynotes, parties, Expo floor booths, Social Media Business Summit sessions, radio shows, etc.

For more photos, just visit Flickr or Google images, and you’ll find thousands posted by our prolific attendees!

Keynotes from 2009 featured new media moguls and social media luminaries including:

Anthony Edwards Brian Solis Chad Vader
Chris Brogan Don Lemon Guy Kawasaki
Hugh Hewitt Jay Rosen Jenny The Bloggess
Jermaine Dupri Joanna Drake Earl Kara Swisher
Kevin Pollak Laura Fitton Leo Laporte
Richard Jalichandra Scott Monty Ted Murphy
Wendy Piersall