3:45 PM to 4:45 PM - Thu. Nov. 3rd Room 150 B Track:

Blogging Through Loss is a discussion on the military track focusing on how social media affects those experiencing a loss. We will cover how blogging during a time of grieving is helpful, is detrimental, and how it over all affects the grieving process. We’ll discuss the impact of comments on coping as well as the negative aspects of anonymous commenters. We’ll talk about the difference between someone who blogged before their loss and continued after compared to someone who began blogging after their loss.

Key Points

1. Pros and Cons of using social media, specifically blogging, during the grieving process.
2. The affect of strangers as well as acquaintances opinions posted on the blog.
3. Any differences between blogging before and after as compared to only after loss.


Mandy Myers
Mandy Myers
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Rachel Jewell Porto
Rachel Jewell Porto
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