2:45 PM to 3:30 PM - Thu. Nov. 3rd Room 153 C Track:

In the last decade, Facebook and other social networks have focused on mapping and documenting our existing relationships. The recent rise of Twitter and foursquare has transitioned the emphasis to what is happening right now in our lives and the lives of those around us. With the past and present of our lives established online, the next frontier is future-tense social networking. New companies like Ditto, Forecast, and RedRover are paving the way. Will these new location services disrupt the advertising and marketing industries in tangible, long-lasting ways? And what happens when the 800 pound gorilla, Facebook, gets in the game? Discover how future-tense social networking will revolutionize the way we live, shop, and play.

Key Points

1. What is future-tense social networking?
2. How will future-tense social networking impact the way local businesses as well as big brands interact with customers?
3. How will future-tense social networking impact they way we connect with friends in the real world?


Rene Pinnell
CEO & Designer, Forecast