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Liz Strauss

( Brand Strategist, Community Builder, Founder, SOBCon )

Liz Strauss of is a business strategist, product analyst, and master teacher who works with international corporations small business, and entrepreneurs to create high-growth strategy based on influence, impact, and irresistible difference. She’s a dynamic speaker and a maven at engaging with the people who help a business thrive. Liz is co-founder of SOBCon the business strategy workshop event that grew out of her popular — a online publication which carries 4300 articles and 94,000 reader comments. She has built strategies and products with a international network of businesses on four continents and teaches a yearly course session at the Masters Degree Level for Digital Publishing Program at City University of London. In 2011, Liz Strauss was the awarded the prestigious title of Titan of Web 2.0 at the World Forum “Communication on Top” in Davos, Switzerland and is the highest ranked woman on Dun and Bradstreet’s 68 Most Influential Small Business People on Twitter

Session: Why Us? The Strategy that Creates Community and Opportunity