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Shani Higgins

( CEO, Technorati )
Shani Higgins

Shani Higgins joined Technorati in 2007 to lead strategy and day to day operations for the company¹s advertising sales, business development and the Technorati Media advertising network.

Under Shani’s leadership, Technorati Media’s network was launched in June of 2008 and has since become the largest social media advertising network, with more than 3,000 sites and a US reach of 183 million.
Shani was a driving force behind the Technorati Media acquisition of SV Moms in 2010 and BlogCritics in 2008, and directed the development of the Technorati Media Exchange­ the first private exchange for brand-safe independent and socially engaging publishers­ launched in April 2011.

Previously, Shani held senior management roles at Infoseek/GO/Disney, Ziff Davis, Benedek Investment Group, and Tacit Software. She earned her B.A. in Communication (with Art History and Economics minors) from Rutgers University.

Session: Technoratis State of the Blogosphere and New Media