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WebTV Spotlight

WebTvCreating original Web TV and video content is allowing people to reach new audiences and secure new opportunities. But, how do you get started? Or, if you’re already a Web TV producer, how do you take your efforts even further? Our friends at the International Academy of Web Television (IAWTV) have assembled some of the top Web TV experts to share their best tips for creating, distributing, and monetizing Web TV content. If you’re new to Web TV or even if you’re a seasoned pro, there are some amazing sessions to help you. Plus, there are great networking opportunities with others in the Web TV world. It’s all at BlogWorld & New Media Expo NY.

Featured Speakers

Tim Street Phillip Nelson Evan Bass

Tim Street

Tim Street is the Vice President of Mobile Video for mDialog and is responsible for evangelizing mDialog’s Smart Stream Video Platform to MSO’s, Studios, Networks, Telco’s and Video Publishers around the world. Over the past 22 years as a Writer, Producer and Director Tim has created and launched marketing campaigns for Television Shows as well as Feature Films and was among the first Internet Video trailblazers in monetizing web video and video podcasting.

Philip Nelson

Philip Nelson, a widely recognized live streaming expert, oversees key accounts (including Disney, ESPN, Fox Sports, and MTV) and identifies high profile opportunities for the promotion of NewTek’s brands. Nelson has been instrumental in introducing several generations of the industry-leading TriCaster™ portable live production system. Prior to joining NewTek in 1998, Nelson was a video production and ISP entrepreneur for clients that included Tim McGraw, San Antonio Spurs, The Smithereens, MTV, Coca-Cola and Georgia Pacific.

Evan Bass

Over the past year and a half, eBass Entertainment produced a indie feature film (The Eve), filmed on location in Martha’s Vineyard, and additionally two Web series: The Venturing Club and BCWS (working title). The Venturing Club, a geek-based series about dealing with the real world, and three episodes of BCWS, a buddy cop Web series described as Law & Order if you took out the court room, used only the high-octane parts,  made it a comedy, and then reduced it to 5-8 minute episodes. Evan has worked in all size scale projects as producer, series creator, writer, and actor.


WebTV Sessions

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WebTV Speakers

This year, we’ve assembled some of the most knowledgeable people in Web TV to share their tips, advice, and insights with you! These talented Web TV producers are all well-respected within the industry and their sessions will give you the tools and resources you need to succeed. Want to reach new heights with your Web TV programming? Our amazing speakers can help you reach your goals.

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WebTV Sessions

As someone who is producing Web TV content, we know you want to know about the most recent trends, resources, and tools that will help you amp up your efforts. To help you be your best, you’ll want to check out the amazing sessions in this year’s Web TV track. We’ll show you how to grow your audience, develop and distribute your content, and monetize your efforts. We guarantee that you’ll learn something new at our sessions and enjoy great networking with others in the Web TV space! Check out our session list below to learn more:

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