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As usual, we are starting this week, with an interview from Simon Rogers, of Before we get in the interview, here are the few words about Simon.

Simon Rogers, who is still in his Teenage, blogs at providing tips for making money online. He is one of the Youngest Bloggers and he was recently listed at ThesisThemeHQ. I am a big fan of Teenius, not only for the money making tips, but because of knowledge in blogging. His site is designed good and he often encourages more guest posts. Here is a small conversation with Simon Rogers.

Q:When did you started blogging as your career? What made you to enter the blogosphere?

Firstly, hi, and thanks for the interview! Well, I’m Simon Rogers from the UK, and I first started blogging around 2 years ago. After running several proxies with Adsense, I started blog flipping and earning $50-100 per flip, but I soon got bored of that. I then joined a multi-author blog and really enjoyed it, so decided to start my own blog. It’s gone from there, and I’ve owned several blogs now. I guess it was the guys at the multi-author blog that really got me started blogging properly.

Q: Your blog looks quite good in design? Is that a thesis theme? Did you customize it yourselves?

My theme is actually completely custom. The teasers often make people believe it’s a Thesis theme, but it’s purely custom. It was actually made by Alex Frasier, who specializes in WP and Thesis customizations. It cost me a fair amount of money, but I feel that it was worth it, as now my blog is instantly recognizable and it’s done wonders for my branding!

Q: Why did you consider your blog’s niched as providing tips for making money?

I would class my blog as a ‘blogging tips’ blog now, as most the posts seem to be about blogging rather than making money online. When I first started it was meant to be about MMO as a whole, but nowadays I really enjoy posting about blogging, so I decided to aim my blog at other bloggers and help them to improve their blogs.

Q: How often do are you engaged for blogging and collecting resources for it, in a day?

I probably spend about an hour a day on the days which I don’t post (advertising and networking with other bloggers), then about two hours on the days that I post because I do all the other stuff, and have to write an article.

Q: We had seen some contests in your blog recently. Do you have any idea how often to have contests at the blog?

At the moment I’m aiming to have a contest every month. Actually, in December I’m having a contest where there are over $800 worth of prizes, so everyone should check that out on my blog. I feel once a month is good, as it means that I have time to collect good prizes, but at the same time if people don’t win, they can always come back next month!

Q: Which is the blog you you have been inspired the most and why?

I suppose I’d have to say the only blog that inspired me was the one which I first blogged on, as I learnt so much. However, I read loads of articles around the internet, so every now and again I see an awesome article which I will bookmark. These posts inspire me and give me ideas to make my blog better, but at the same time I would say I’m more inspired by individual posts rather than whole blogs.

Q: Few words why you stress on Top Commentators widget often?

Because it’s awesome! It encourages new commentators, it means you get more comments, it means you can interact with more people, and at the same time you can get some awesome exposure for your own blog if you comment regularly on other blogs (which I do!)

Q: Teenius = Teenager + ?. What does it mean?

Teenius is a cross between ‘teenager’ and ‘genius’. At first, I wasn’t too keen on me, but it’s actually a great domain as it’s so memorable and brandable!

Q: Can we know your feedback about, what can we improve and what are our negatives etc..,

I would say the main thing to improve was the theme. At the moment it’s not very exciting, as there are hardly any colors, and the main color on there (other than white) is beige, which isn’t very interesting. However, the content is great so keep up the good work on that! By the way, I’m soon going to start a service on my blog where you can get a report of your blog (what to improve, that sort of thing), for a bargain price, so make sure you and your readers stay tuned for that. There’s also a free copy in the upcoming contest on Teenius, so stay tuned for that!

Q: Piece of thought for our readers.

Remember that setting goals is incredibly important for your blog. You should always try and set realistic targets which are achievable. This will REALLY help your blog to grow as it’s clear what you need to do to improve. Even if you just make a list of things to improve and then implement the necessary changes, you should see a big change.

Other than that, make sure to check out my blog

Wonderful answers, hope everyone would have liked it. Please share your thought at the comments.

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