5 Features You need in Your Site as Web Design Firm

Size doesn’t matter. Not when it comes to your business and its website needs.

Big, small, start-up or franchise, every business needs efficient website design and functionality.

But which features are the most important? And which ones will get you the results you want?

Let’s take a look at 5 tricks that web design services use and what you can learn from them.

1. Commanding Homepage

Your homepage is the first thing your visitors will see. It needs to be inviting and well-designed with a clear message.

Don’t make your visitors search for what your business is about or what services you offer.

The best web design services fill their homepages with appealing visuals and engaging copy. Other elements you’ll want to include right up front are information about who you are, what your company is about and why customers should care.

Your brand and logo should be clearly visible. Don’t try to do too much on your homepage.

You have plenty of content pages to expand on your services and share details. If your homepage is too cluttered or hard to navigate, visitors will leave.

Visitor tracking is a great way to see if your web design efforts are working. Here, the Web Alley SEO explains exactly how visitor tracking works and why you need it.

2. User-Friendly Design

Web design services know the importance of a user-friendly website design and so should you!

Your navigation menu needs to be easy to find and even easier to use. Be sure that your menu items are labeled clearly, with simple directives.

Visitors don’t want to guess where a link will take them. And chances are if it takes them somewhere they don’t want to go, they’ll leave your page altogether.

When you design your navigation menu you need to think like a visitor. What features would you like to see?

  • The services or product being offered
  • The cost of those services or product
  • Business information (location, hours, contact info)
  • Payment options
  • FAQ page

This last feature is a great way to save users time and improve your website’s ease of use. An FAQ page answers to commonly asked questions.

This page can speed up the buying process and eliminate the need for customers to call or email you and wait for a response.

3. Clear Contact Info

This feature was listed as an important part of your navigation menu, but it bears repeating.

Providing your website users with your contact information conveys a sense of trust and reliability. If they have a question about your website, a product or any other inquiry, they want options to contact you.

Make sure that your email and mailing address, as well as your phone number, are clearly marked, easy to find and posted in multiple locations on your website. Some of the leading web design services also offer live chat features.

If you’re a start-up business, this is a feature you might consider adding later on if the need arises.

4. Quality Content

Content is king. We’ve all heard this phrase before and many of the top website design services understand and apply its importance.

Quality content makes both visitors and Google very happy. High-quality content not only improves SEO and your SERP ranking but also keeps customers coming back for more. Be sure to add fresh, relevant content regularly.

Worried you don’t have the time or ability to create the content you want? Hire a freelance copywriter to do the work for you!

If your website is filled with confusing, poorly written text, your intent and message will be lost. And without a clearly defined message, your visitors won’t know what they’re supposed to do. Navigating your page and understanding its purpose shouldn’t be a guessing game.


The structure is another key element to your website design. You want your content to be organized and scannable. A well laid out website shows customers that your business is professional and they can trust you and what you have to say.


Another bonus to having readable content on your website? Users are more likely to share it on social media. No one wants to refer a friend to a page that’s confusing and offers no, valuable information.

So remember, the content on your website is about quality, not quantity. Take your time when crafting your posts and keep some basic SEO guidelines in mind. You can read more about those from Google.

5. Obvious Call to Action

Web design services place a lot of importance on the call to action at the end of the page — and for good reason. Your CTA is like the hook at the end of your pitch. It tells visitors exactly what you want them to do.

For example:

  • Email us today for a quote
  • Contact our team for additional information
  • Click here to fill out an application

If you give the reader directions, they’re likely to follow them. The more attention you bring to this directive, the better. That means you can highlight the button you want them to click or design the link in large, bold font.

Without a call to action, your user is left wondering what to do next. A call to action leads to conversions, sales, and increased profit. Don’t be caught without one!

Some Last Minute Tips from Top Web Design Services

It’s important to keep these five tips in mind when designing your website. But there are a few other features we’d like to bring attention to.

Simple Web Address

Choosing your website’s name doesn’t need to be complicated. In this situation, less is more.

Try choosing a simple website address that is relevant and memorable. You want visitors to remember it, know it by sight and easily type it into the search bar. You can get a little creative with this, but try not to overthink it.

Reliable Host

Protecting your information and that of your customers should be of utmost importance. If your website is hacked, it could mean the end of your business altogether.

Make sure you choose a secure and reliable hosting company that will keep hackers out and you in business. Perform regular system updates and stay up to date with any new ones.

Start Designing Today

You’re now equipped with the basic information and know-how to create a well-designed and functional website. No small business is complete without one.

Take these tips from the top website design services to fill your pages with quality content and user-friendly features.

If you view your website design as a visitor, you’ll start bringing in new ones and boosting your business.

Get started today!

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