6 Ways to Take Your Blog to the Next Level in Blogosphere

Alright. You created a blog by installing WordPress/blogger or any other software, installed themes, formatted layouts and fonts, placed ads and started writing. You keep experiencing with themes, ad positions and your writing skills. But, one thing we all forget is how are we going to  take our blog to the next level.

Everyone can write something. So, if you are *only* doing the writing part in blog and keep expecting lot in return, then you will be disappointed. There are few things you can do to make your blog unique and stand out from other blogs in blogosphere.

How to Make Your Blog Better than Others

# Write unexplored tutorials

I am keeping the first two points about writing itself. It is why blogs exist. There are thousands of tutorials out there for whatever niche you may have chosen. Hence, writing the same tutorial that is found abundant in the internet is not going to make you unique from others.

Find some way to do something. But that ‘something’ and the ‘some way’ should be new. This way, even though those tutorials are hardly searched your blog gets a unique name for it and since you have ways for hardest and rarest problems people tend to come back looking for even common problems.

# Find solutions for unanswered questions

Similar to the above, try finding solutions for the issues faced by many bloggers and website owners. Most of the bloggers are nowadays techies. Hence, if they are not able to figure out then the question is certainly hard. In that case, whoever gets a solution, let alone it is the best solution, definitely going to get attention and people will subscribe to you.

Additionally, both the above points will give you a increase in the SERP position for the tutorial and solution you figured out, getting more and more attention and visitors.

# Organize events locally

Now coming out of writing part, you got to organize events and get togethers locally. There are hundreds of bloggers in your city. Go meet them. Get introduced face-to-face and know them personally.

Try to see if you can arrange for regular meetup of bloggers every month or week. If it is already happening, try to contribute to it. Make useful suggestions if needed. Make sure you get attention wherever you go and your blog gets attention itself.

Contributing and participating in these events, not only help you find new people but also it sparks various new things you can write in your blog. It let you come out of your narrow thinking and explore the unexplored interests.

# Organize virtually

If you can’t organize something locally, then go online. Forums and communities are one click away in most places. Create them and engage people to participate. Since everyone can start one, you may or may not get memebers initialy. But who cares. Just give it a shot.

I ahve only recently known this group in Facebook, Bloggers Lounge. Now I regret what was I doing for such long time blogging. This group has some active and intersting bloggers who can help you with anythging. Anytime, some useful discussions going on and you can find solutions for anythging here.

When I saw that, I thought, oh what a simple concept, why doesn’t it strike me. Like these you may come out with new idea and that might help people. And your blog stands out.

# Be socially responsible and support some causes

So, you are trying to get attention wherever possible by doing the above things. All the above look selfish and it was obvious that you desperately looking for someways to gain popularity. At the same time you should also be thinking about other people out there, suffering.

Try to be socially responsible, both online and in real life. Try supporting some causes that help to the real people out there and let them come out of there sufferings. Google supports many causes. Agreed it is a big shot but supporting those causes is definitely one of the reason for what it is today. Give back to the society that gave you so much. Thats how Wikipedia has become popular.

So, now its your turn to think of something to contribute to the society and start doing it.

# Develop and provide it free

Develop some themes, plugins, extensions whatever you can and give it to people for free. People tend to come to you if they think you can deliver some good stuff, either in writing or by any other means. And in every world, giving free gets lot of attention provided your product is of good quality.

# Share the resources you have

Lets say you bought a hosting with unlimited domain support and you are hosting only two domains in it. There are people out there who can’t afford hosting and still living on some free hosts with load of craps. Just announce that you are gonna share your hosting and give to them for free or at affordable rate.

This way you are encouraging and creating enterpreneurs thereby developing a community for yourself and your bloggers. You or your blog wont be remembered until you have a community for yourself.

# Know and help your readers personally

Value your readers, as they say. So, treating readers with respect and courtesy is the ultimate thing every blogger must remember. Going one step beyond, not only value them but also know them personally. They might be facing some issues themselves. Try to listen and them and do the needful

This way you get sincere readers and loyal fans to your blog. Also, you make new friends in the virtual world.

# Go print

This may not be affordable for everyone but priniting your writings is one effective way to reach out the real people. Lets say you write about Photography and your posts are admired by most of the people, then you should give a try to publish your most admired posts by print.

This way you will reach out to the people who have never visited your blog or who has less knowledge in Internet. Books always make people immortal. In this case, they make your blogs too.

Have you already started out with any of the steps above? Do let us know in comments.

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