8 Simple Facts Why Nobody Visits Your Blog

Blogs vary in quality. There are blogs that you can easily label as poorly written immediately after a short glance while other blogs are simply so good that take your breath away. On the other hand, there are those blogs that are good but seem far away to being great – blogs that simply can’t rise from mediocrity.

Why Your Blog Has less Traffic?

Poorly Written Content

Being an English Major is not a pre-requisite to becoming a blog or article writer. However, we do have the responsibility of writing grammatically correct content. People visit websites for information and not to get a headache.

Poor grammar and bad grammar are entirely two different things. Poor grammar pertains to bad writing skills habits while bad grammar pertains to the lack of technical knowledge when it comes to writing.

Poor grammar includes writing in a technically-correct yet incoherent way or using the same words and vocabulary over and over again. Bad grammar on the contrary, is the failure to construct technically-correct sentences.

Inaccurate Facts

Your writing style may be good or even great but as long as your article has factual errors, nobody will ever make the mistake of reading your articles again. Factual errors are among the most fatal mistakes when writing. Giving the wrong information can be very damaging to your reputation as a writer or expert in your field.

Inadequate research

Inadequate research is another probable reason why your writing technique can’t take off. A good rule of thumb is to allocate at least one hour for researching the topic you’re going to cover. This could also be a good way of ensuring that all your statements are based on facts.

Lack of information, too much fluff

Lack of information is often a result of inadequate research. Failure to research will result to insufficiency of the information contained in your article. Needless to say, information is the lifeblood of every successful online article.

Failure to communicate relevant and important information can lead to your failure as an online writer.

Writer not having the backbone

A writer without a backbone is something that irks readers. It’s either black or white. Readers love writers who share their strong opinions or unique and outside-the-box points of view. Take for instance Robert Kiyosaki, he was never afraid to be controversial that’s why he is a bestselling author.

Dull and boring writing style

Dull and boring writing is another reason why blogs and articles get relegated to obscurity. As a writer, it’s essential that you let your imagination fly. Remember, one good attribute of beautifully written article is it entertains and engages readers.

Failure to optimize your article

Failure to optimize your article for search engines is another reason why an article can’t reach viral status. Search Engine Optimization or SEO plays a heavy role in generating traffic and attracting visitors to a website.

For that matter, it’s just appropriate that online writers spend time in researching for keywords and optimizing their articles for better search rankings.

You didn’t edit your article

Proofreading is an important task that most newbie writers seem to take for granted. Proofreading allows you to spot grammar and punctuation mistakes that can distract readers from the main point of your article.

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