Best Online Cloud Storage Solutions

Cloud storage has become an indispensable part of our hectic lives. More and more often we browse the web from our handheld devices and having 24/7 access to the data from our desktops or other Internet-connected devices is a must. This is when online backup services come in handy. Allowing to store unlimited amounts of data in the cloud, such services let us access all valuable content anywhere, anytime.

If you still don’t have a service for storing your data, it’s high time to choose one and we are here to help you in decision-making. With so many various backup solutions available on the web, you need to choose a server that would safely store your data and provide you with constant access to it. The best cloud storage providers offer more than just storage. Selecting such solutions as Dropbox and Google Drive you’ll be able to enjoy multi-platform support, security, app integration, and much more. Consider our chart of the top 10 cloud storage providers and choose the one to your liking.

1. Dropbox

Dropbox is an amazing cross-platform solution, compatible with so many apps. In addition, this is one of the mosts popular cloud storage solution preferred by millions of users worldwide. This is a cloud-based, automatic service that comes with support for any OS you’re using, both desktop and mobile. Though you’ll get only 2GB free to start, this can be further expanded for extra fee. If you’re going to back up some documents, 2GB will be more than enough, though if you’re planning to store any kind of media, then you may upgrade to the 100GB plan for around £6 a month.



Whether you use it for storing files or syncing with the desktop clients – this is the best cloud storage service to keep your files synced across various devices. Dropbox is also considered as one of the safest online backup servers. It comes with a two-step authentication and AES 256-bit encryption that encodes all files stored on its servers.

Available on: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, iOS, BlackBerry, Kindle Fire

2. Google Drive

Offering 15GB of free storage, Google Drive allows backing up more data than its predecessor. Once you set your Google account, you are free to start using this space, but mind if your Gmail account stores emails with large attachments, this will count in the 15GB of free storage provided.


The interface is simple and intuitive, with plenty of customizable options. For instance, you may check out where your data is stored using a basic file tree, select some specific files that you want to be available offline on the mobile version, edit documents, and more. Google Drive works similar to other popular cloud storage solutions, with a local folder on your desktop linked to a duplicate cloud version.

Available on: Web, Windows, Mac, Chrome, Android, iOS

3. SugarSync

Though SugarSync is not as widely used as other cloud storage solutions, it’s incredibly rich-featured and easy in use. Featuring detailed syncing options, it can back up any file or folder from your system. There are two basic ways of using SugarSync – either as the traditional backup client that automatically backs up your files as you change them or as a cloud service coming with a drive on your system for dropping files in.

The service comes packed with a number of solutions for you to password protect your data, check out revision history of each of the backed up files, and more. For starters, you’ll be provided with 5GB of free cloud storage.

Available on: Web, Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Windows Phone

4. Bitcasa

If you’re looking for an unlimited online cloud storage solution, then Bitcasa is just what you need. Basically, this is a remote hard drive, which can store as much data as you need and be accessed 24/7. The service can be used in both personal and business purposes. If the company wants to keep some data safe from its employees, they are free to use client-side encryption.


There are four options available: a free plan with 20GB of cloud storage, a Premium plan with 1TB of storage for $10 per month, a Pro plan with 5TB for $49 per month, and an unlimited Infinite plan for $99 a month.

Available on: Windows, Windows RT, Mac, iOS, Android, Google Chrome

5. Amazon Cloud Drive

Amazon Cloud Drive is a pure and simple backup service, commonly preferred by Kindle Fire users. This is a great solution of keeping your precious documents, photos, audio and video files safe. Coming with apps for smartphonnes, tablets and desktops, Amazon Cloud Drive protects your digital content and provides easy access to your data whenever and wherever you wish.


You will get 5GB of free cloud storage, which can be further expanded if you wish. Plans are available starting at some mere $10 per year.

Available on: Web, Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Kindle

6. Apple iCloud

Apple fans can fully enjoy all benefits of using Apple iCloud service. The service backs up any data you wish without any difficulty and automatically synchronizes a lot of data between iOS devices, including photo, video, audio files, downloaded content, and more.

In case you misplaced your device and don’t want anyone else to use it in the meantime, iCloud will help you find it. The system daily backs up your data over Wi-Fi and can restore it is you need. These are only a few benefits you will enjoy when using Apple iCloud. For starters, you’ll be provided with 5GB of free cloud storage.

Available on: Web, Mac, iOS

7. Microsoft SkyDrive

Microsoft SkyDrive, formerly known as OneDrive, is one of the most flexible cloud service for storing, syncing, and sharing data. Once you sign up, you’ll get 7GB of free cloud storage and the ability to earn more free space through actions and referrals. Microsoft SkyDrive has been made a cornerstone of Windows 8, meaning that if you are lucky to be using this OS, you will find it one of the most convenient services for storing and syncing content.


Available on: Web, Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Xbox

8. Mozy

Mozy is another online backup service that works similar to other solutions – you download and configure the software, and the backup will be automatically handled in the background. You are free to choose between three cloud storing options – free plan with 2GB of storage on Mozy’s servers, $5.99 per month for 50GB from one computer, and $9.99 per month from up to three computers. Each additional computer and 20GB of free space will cost you extra $2 a month.


Available on: Web, Windows, Mac, Android, iOS

9. All My Storage Pro

Alongside with a number of useful cloud storage solutions, you may also try various apps that allow working with your online backup services with ease. All My Storage Pro is one of these. It features a simple, metro dashboard interface that allows managing your Dropbox, Facebook, SkyDrive, and SugerSync accounts and moving data from one cloud storage provider to another. The app can be easily customized, meaning that you may effortlessly change the dashboard theme and keep track of your cloud resource uses and available quotas.


Available on: Windows

10. ASTRO Cloud & File Manager

ASTRO Cloud & File Manager is another free file explorer that allows managing your precious data regardless of where it is stored. Alongside with the ability to view, transfer and organize your content, the app allows to find the necessary items using specific file searches based on name, size, location, etc. In addition, you may transfer files from one server to another without the need of downloading them to your device. Supporting 11 most popular languages and coming packed with various outstanding features, the app was designed to provide you with unforgettable file managing experience.


Available on: Web, PC, Mac, Linux


What other free cloud storage solutions do you know? Which one do you consider the best online backup provider? Share with us in comments below.

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