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In the blogging world there is too many  things to know. Blog World Expo was created to connect between bloggers, and to encourage bloggers to work together! Everyone works together as a team to learn how to grow the blogging industry together, and to support each other. When one prosper , all bloggers prosper.

Here you will find the list of blog conferences and social media events for 2021. This list will be updated regularly as we find more information about up-coming blog conferences and social media events for 2021.

As you can see, most conferences for the first half of the year are already underway. Take advantage of the early bird price if you know you will be going. We will try to update the rest of the year once more information is available.

We are trying our best to provide the most accurate information at the time of posting. However, there might be some changes from the organizers that we are not aware of. Please make sure to check the most accurate information from the event organizers per the link we provided in our post.

Benefits of Attending Blog Event

Networking:  The more people that you get to know in your chosen niche, the better.  Your peers will help keep you motivated, will give you advice when you have challenges, and will help you build links and get traffic to your site.  The cooperative (instead of competitive) nature of the blogging community is one of the very best things about starting a blog.   With all of that being true, there is NO better place to network and meet other bloggers then at a conference.

Providing Motivation: By attending sessions and workshops, and by simply starting conversations with your peers, you will hear success stories about how people just like you are using their blog to do amazing things.  The only thing holding you back from making your own success story is time and effort.  The most productive time that I have all year is in the few weeks after I attend a major conference.  Suddenly, I am filled with ideas to transform the look and feel of my site.

Useful Tips: If you are new to blogging, you are also likely to learn an absolute ton of information from the people who are presenting at the conference.  Take diligent notes, don’t be afraid to ask questions, and make a plan to use the strategies that you hear when you return home.

With all of that said, you also should be careful when choosing which conference to attend.

What to Consider When Choosing Blog Conference

Cost: If you look at the current events calendar,  registration costs for conferences can range in costs from under $200 for Fincon, to up over a $1000 for Social Media Marketing World.  Of course, SMMW is a much bigger conference and the larger registration fee absolutely makes sense, but it should factor into your decision making.

Location: It might also make sense to try and choose a conference closer to home, especially if it is within driving distance.  Since you are a new blogger, you likely aren’t yet earning any money from your site.  Which means that the potential benefits that you’d receive of using your flight and conference expenses as tax deductions are not very applicable.

Topic:  One of the major goals of this site is to try to include conferences from every major blog niche, and we have been making great progress in that area.  There some general purpose conferences like World Domination Summit and Content Marketing World, but if you are beginning Pet Blogger– you’d likely get a lot more out of a specialized conference like find more actionable information by attending Blog Paws.

Beginners Track:  Many conferences aim to divide their sessions into areas of expertise, offering a “Beginner’s Track”, an “Intermediate Track”, and an “Advanced Track”.  The beginner’s track will likely be a lot of “101”-type of classes, providing a basic overview of blog topics like SEO, WordPress, Basic Networking, and more.  As a new blogger, you absolutely want to look for a conference that has this option.  If you find yourself in very high-level advanced classes and you aren’t ready for them– you will likely not be getting a good use of your time at the conference.

We want everyone to grow together, and learn together. Everyone will be in one room! That’s right. All of the sessions will be in one room together, so no one will miss out on a session. By having everyone in one room, we are encouraging networking, sharing ideas, and growing together! Sessions will range from YouTube/Vlogging to Pinterest-style photo-styling and everything in between

Don’t see your event on our list?

Please click here to submit your blog conference & social media event and we will update the list!

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