How to Build Tier Three Backlinks

If you hang around SEO forums, you’ll know that this is a huge (unnecessary) debate. A part of the problem is that some SEO’s don’t understand the purpose of building a third tier of links.

THE most important reason to build a third tier is to index your tier two links – IF your tier two’s get stronger in the process, then that’s awesome too.

You should not, and I REPEAT, you should NOT spend a lot of time on this level of your link building.

It should be completely outsourced or automated because you’re going to be building mass links.

The point is, if you build quality tier one and tier two backlinks, then you won’t need to worry about indexing and probably won’t need to build out a third tier.

Best Types of Tier Three Backlinks

To be honest, you can pretty much use every type of backlink on tier three. HOWEVER, there are some links that are better than others. As a rule of thumb, you should always try to use links that index well and have some established authority.

If these links don’t index, then they are pointless. Make sure you read my post How to Get Backlinks Indexed 100% of the Time to guarantee that your links are getting indexed and doing the job they are suppose to be doing.

This is why I stick to links with high PR and domain authority.

Since I don’t like wasting my time with tools, I just outsource these types of links below for my tier three:

Private Blog Network Links – you can use SAPE links or any type of cheap PBN links. These are best because of the high index rate and power it will send to your tier two.

DoFollow Blog Comments – you can use Scrapebox for these. DoFollow blog comments are great for indexing.

Web 2.0s – you can use SEnuke, Ultimate Demon, or GSA for these. Web 2.0s are good because you’re getting a contextual link and indexing is decent if you’re posting on sites with decent domain authority. 30 + DA is recommended.

Mass Links – building a combination of many different links such as web 2.0s, profile links, article directories, social bookmarks, etc. is a good route as well because you can increase the authority of a property.

The big difference between using mass links and links with established authority is that you’ll have to build hundreds of mass links to match the power of one authoritative link.

You can use pretty much any link building tool to build these or just head over to BHW.

Other Important Tier Three Details

Since your third tier of links is so far removed from your money site, you don’t need to be as careful as you would with tier one or tier two.

Anchor Text

It doesn’t matter how far away your links are from your money site, it’s still essential that you vary your anchor text.

To be safe, you should follow these percentages:

  • Naked links: 10%
  • Generic: 10%
  • LSI, Partial-Match: 50%
  • Exact Match: 30%

The worst thing that can happen if you go overboard is some of your tier two properties getting penalties and eventually get deindexed by Google. For this reason, I wouldn’t veer away from the percentages above too much. But like I always say, do your own testing and see what percentages work best for you since every industry and competition level is different.

Link Velocity + Quantity

You definitely shouldn’t drill your tier two properties with a million links in a week, but you can be more aggressive with the link velocity. Since you’re probably building links to 100 + tier two properties, you can distribute the links across those at a low velocity.

For example: if you have 100 tier two properties and you build 1,000 tier three links per day, that would only be 10 links to each property per day. I wouldn’t build more than 50-100 links per property, per day.

When do you stop building links?

Like tier two, keep going until A) your links are fully indexed and B) you’ve seen a nice pump in Page Authority (PA) for your properties.

Yes, It’s Literally That Simple

That’s IT my friend. Tier three is the least complicated link building you’ll do and does not require crazy strategy. Still follow the basic principles, but just be a little more aggressive.

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