How to Write your First Blog Post

Everyday new blogs enter this blogosphere. And also healthy Competition increasing with the bloggers. In order to become a professional blogger, we need to try something unique. This makes our survival here. In this post we are going to discuss about different types of blogging articles. You may think, what’s in this topic. But this topic helps you think in a different way, when you write for your blog. When we sit before the system, we will not get any idea about the next topic. I think everyone faced this situation. Here comes a good suggestion for that.

Blogging is not so easy for beginners:

Blogging for beginners is important because “Beginners need guidance”. Because expert people do not need guidance but beginners they always look for tutorials and tips. Another important thing is when writing for beginners we need not possess extra ordinary knowledge in any field. We can just write it in a simple manner.

When you write articles for beginners, they may get doubts about the article and would leave comments regarding the article and this will increase the “interaction with beginners”.

Key points to succeed in Blogging:

Everyday new blogs enter this blogosphere. Competition is also increasing with the bloggers. In order to become a professional blogger, we need to try something unique. But when we sit before the system we won’t get any idea about the topic. So we need to know the ideas and techniques to become a professional blogger. Some of the suggestions are:

  • The important thing is we have to choose an attractive and unique title for your post.
  • Next is about the content. It should also be attractive. Try to put your first paragraph in an attractive way. So when the users read your first paragraph they feel excited and read the entire content.
  • Sub title also plays a role in posting an article .Give subtitles wherever needed.
  • Divide the paragraph and write. Do not write it as a whole.
  • If we keep on publishing the similar post then the users will get bored. So we can use different types of articles.

How To Attract Readers?

“Attract Your Readers” This is the main aim of every bloggers. I have listed few points for that. I think it will be helpful for the readers.

  • Choose an attractive title for the post
  • Right an exciting first paragraph. This makes our readers to read the whole content
  • Choose an image related to your post
  • Give sub-titles and examples in that post
  • Don’t write too much long article. If so divide it into two articles(part 1 and part 2)

Types of Articles that you can write:

There are many types of blogging articles. If we keep on publishing similar post, our readers will feel boring. So just make some changes frequently with different type of articles.

Blogging Articles

I think everyone know about this kind of articles. There are many topics related to blogging. This is one of the important types of articles and most of them like to read it. In every blog there is a category for blogging. You can also write How to articles. These articles are more effective. Try to write quality content regarding this type. Because these types of articles are information based.

Review Articles

This is another type of article you can write in your blog. Just write a review for other blog. You can also review products. These types of articles are sometimes paid by that blog owner or by the product owner. Either it’s paid or not for reviewing, this type of articles will attract the attention of your readers to know more about that product or that blog.
For example,

Recent Trend Articles

This type of articles gives a great exposure. But for this you have to trace the current updates and trends going in this technical world. You have to check everyday what is newly released. Definitely there will be good increase in traffic, when you write articles regarding recent trends. You can find the current trends in collecta and also in twitter.

Interview Articles

This is one of the inspiring articles. You can conduct interview with other blog owners or person who excel in specific field. You can make this type of articles once in a month. Such articles provide good inspiration to newbies.
For example, here also you can notice interview articles about Mohit AnejaSimonPradeep Kumar. You can check these interviews. Hope you like it.

Giveaway Articles

I think everyone have tried this option. Contests are really very nice way to attract many people. You can conduct top commentator contest, article submission contest. There are different types of contest giveaway like cash prize, ad space in their blog, free themes etc., Contest surely increase your blog traffic.

This ultimately shows that those who enter blogging in a hurry will quit as soon before they realize the true potential of blogging. Haste always makes waste. This happens mainly because of some barriers that those bloggers face in the initial phase.

Here I have listed five of them, accompanied with few tips that can help you to overcome those struggles.

5 Barriers Every New Blogger must face

Blogging is not always an easy task as most of the people think. Youngsters, nowadays, come to blogging as a hobby, then go craze to it, but ultimately quit it or blame it for not giving the results they had expected.

This ultimately shows that those who enter blogging in a hurry will quit as soon before they realize the true potential of blogging. Haste always makes waste. This happens mainly because of some barriers that those bloggers face in the initial phase.

Here I have listed five of them, accompanied with few tips that can help you to overcome those struggles.

Lack of Ideas:

Once you started blogging, in few weeks or months, there is a possibility that you run out of ideas to write. It is popularly termed as ‘Writer’s Block’ or ‘Bloggers’ Block’. This happens to almost every blogger at any point of time. Be it a Novice or Pro Blogger, everyone comes across this situation.

It is one of the hardest problems to solve unless you come with a solution for yourself. Hundreds of articles already published for overcoming this problem. But one of the way that I would recommend is go through your old posts and see what your readers like in you blog.

Knowing your readers’ likes and dislikes will help you to write your next post and also get good appreciation. Also, be watchful on the current news on the niche you are writing. You can immediately blog about those news.

Lack of Time:

Not everyone start blogging as full time. They do it as hobby or part time just to enhance their writing skills. Almost 90 p.c of the people who start blogging, start it as part time. So, it is obvious that not everyone finds time to write.

Hence it is no wrong that you don’t write for few days. But make sure you make all the attempts to keep the blog active. You can try writing short posts  or share about the sites that you had recently liked etc.., Also having multiple authors in your blog and more guest bloggers can help you to solve this.

Not earning money:

This would be the reason that we often hear. Newbie bloggers, seeing pro bloggers making money, get into blogging with only motive of making money. But they don’t realise that Blogging is only for money.

It is a place for increasing your writing skills, creating a online presence, and also a step towards entrepreneurship. If someone starts to blog keeping all these things in mind then it is more likely that he will earn money eventually.

Earning money will take time, and blogging is never a shortcut for it. Those who earns huge bucks from blogging have put twice the amount of hard work and more patience for it. So being consistent writing for passion can take you to great heights.

Fewer Comments:

With full excitement and inspiration from new bloggers you will write your first post. You will read the post more than ten times and praise yourself that you have given a quality post to authors. But you will wait for users to read and comment on it.

Unfortunately, after long time,  you cant see anyone commenting on that article. That would definitely make you to lose hope on yourselves. Isn’t it?

Expecting to hit 1k comments or more in 3 months can be your target but patience is the key player here. For the first few posts you have to wait until you get a good reader base. Once you created it, it is for sure that your posts will get comments. So, instead of expecting comments, pay more attention in building larger reader base.

Less Social Reach:

Social Media has become one of the very important platform where you can generate traffic and also promote your blog. But that doesn’t work all the time. You would be expecting 100 diggs for your post but you wouldn’t be getting more than 5.

This doesn’t mean that your article is not so good. But, it means that you have miles to travel in the social media. You have to become a power user in these things. Have some four or five social networks and visit them regularly. Vote for other user’s posts so that they may return the favor to you. So being a power user is more important.

So as said in the previous point, it is important to concentrate more on building a reader base in your blog who can help you in promoting the articles.

To summarize, Patience is the key player in any field and it applies to blogging too. So, start blogging with this in mind. Expect the best, prepare for the worst and be ready to be surprised.

All the best

This may not be the bible for blogging, but can give you few tips on how you can start and what you have to watch for. One more guiding step for blogging. And I tell you it takes lot of persistence than just guidance to shine in blogging. All the best.

Let me hear your comments. And if you are beginner let me know how is your blogging going on show far.

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