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Important Blogging Statistics

A few days ago, I came across an infographic from Social Marketing Writing showing 13 blogging stats you probably didn’t know, but should .

Some are known, but others are interesting:

  • Those who publish daily multiply by five the visits to those who only do it once a week
  • Once you have published 51 posts, blog traffic increases by 53%
  • 41% of people measure the social influence of a blog by the number of times their articles have been shared on social networks
  • Blogs receive the most traffic on Mondays.

The game will consist of comparing the 13 statistics and the advice offered by the author of the post (they will be in italics) with the metrics and the actions that I am taking in Unraveling the network.

He encouraged you to do the same with your blogs.


Blogging Statistics

80% are new visits


80% of the daily visits that come to a blog are new. Working to get more repeat visits by building a list of email and followers on social networks. Also optimize your blog for new visitors.


The first thing I have done as soon as I read this sentence is to go to Google Analytics and check what is the percentage of new visits that come to Untangling the network.

I’ve taken the last six months and the author almost got it right: 83% of the visits are new.

As the guys from Social Marketing Writing say, I continue to “build” the list of  blog subscribers by email (there are already more than 400 among RSS and email subscribers) and followers on social networks (more than 700 on the Facebook page from Unraveling the network and more than 2,300 on my Twitter account ).

I also try to optimize the blog for new visitors with the column on the right where there is more content for them to click.


Visits that are multiplied by five

Blogs  that publish daily receive 5 times more traffic than those that publish one post a week or less.

You are absolutely right.

In September and October 2013 I did a test and went from publishing one post a week to publishing two and the traffic doubled.

I suppose that visits will multiply by five if five posts are published a week.

However, it is very difficult to keep up with this rate of publications.

It is only available to very few or the blog has several authors.


53% more traffic with 51 posts


Once you have published 51 posts, your blog traffic increases by 53%; it is multiplied by 3 after 100 posts and by 4.5 after 200. Posting more often helps to accumulate more visits more quickly.


Again I have returned to Google Analytics to check if these data are similar to those of Unraveling the network.

I do not reach 200 posts published.

This is 177, but for the experiment it is enough.

Upon reaching 51 posts published (January 2012), it had 131 visits on average per day.

When I started the blog in March 2011 that month I was 41 and a month later, 33.

So the increase has been 227% from the first post until I passed 51.

When I reached 100 articles (February 2013) the average number of visits per day was 424 and as the article says it almost multiplies by 3.

And now, with 177 posts and more than 900 visits a day on average, it has multiplied by almost 7 compared to when I had 51 posts published and by 2 when I reached 100.


Post length

Longer posts attract more backlinks. Write articles of at least 1,500 words.


Here I do not agree very much.

Both long and short articles attract backlinks … as long as the content is very good.

I don’t think the length of the posts is essential.

In addition, as time goes by, readers enter more blogs from mobile devices and we don’t like long texts very much if we have to read them from a phone, no matter how big the screen is.

In Untangling the network, 20% of the visits (and going up) already arrive from a mobile or a tablet.

On the blog I have long posts that work very well and other short ones that do too.

The important thing is the content, not the length.


Pictures are important too

Image posts also attract more backlinks. Include images, charts and infographics in your articles.

Totally agree.

Nothing more to add.

Well yes, embedding videos in posts also works, especially to increase the time spent on the page.


Share on social networks = credibility

41.67% of people measure the social influence of a blog by the number of times their articles have been shared on social networks and that can be verified through the share buttons. To get more people to share your articles, you must write posts that they want to read and that are easy to share using the buttons on social networks.


It is true.

Sometimes you see articles that have been shared 0 times on social media.

What happens? Not shared by the author?

Other times you come across blogs that don’t have share buttons.

In Unraveling the network I think that sharing is easy for readers: there is a floating bar installed to the left of the post and another bar at the beginning of the articles and another at the end.

You have to facilitate that if you want to share something, it can be done in the easiest way possible.

We are very lazy.


Superior credibility factors

Quality content and good design are the two main factors that add credibility to a blog. Make these two factors your top priority When creating a blog make sure that it is designed and optimized seamlessly for the web .


In the first I agree (content is king) and in the second not so much.

If the content is of quality and the design is ugly, you will read the article even if it costs you.

Yes. If the content is bad and the design is bad, there is no solution.


Post Monday mornings

Blogs receive the most traffic on Monday mornings. Make sure more people read your blog by posting your articles on Monday mornings.


Totally agree.

When I started with the blog I did not have a predefined publication schedule and I published when I felt like it.

Almost always on Wednesdays or Thursdays.

But I realized that when the weekend came around, the traffic dropped a lot.

So now, with few exceptions, I post on Monday mornings.

With this I get the post to have more travel during the week and more visits.

There are exceptions, like that of Carlos Bravo who publishes in Marketing de Guerrilla every day at 00.01 and the blog is going like a shot.


Generous Thursdays

The posts published on Thursdays are more shared on social networks. Post an article on Thursdays too.


I disagree.

If you post on Thursdays, at least in my case, you are only going to have visits through social networks during Thursday and Friday, because during the weekend people enter less on social networks and the blog has less trafic.


The power of followers

Blogs with more followers on social networks receive more traffic and backlinks. Work to increase the number of followers on social networks.


It is very similar to the first statistic.

Of ” working to achieve more repeat visits by building a list of email and followers on social networks”.


Author versus authors

61.9% of people believe that a blog has more credibility if they write multiple authors. Encourage people to write as a guest on your blog.


No one doubts that it is good for other people to write on your blog.

But when you like one, at least in my case, I don’t stop to think if an author or several writes about it.

If you are good and only write one person, you also have credibility.


Articles beat ads

The 70% of people learn more about a company if you read articles about the company rather than if they see ads. Invest more in creating quality items that are not perishable than in temporary ads.


Totally agree.

It is what experts call content marketing.


Leads multiplied by 4

Blogs that publish every day generate 4 times more leads than those that do it once a week or less.

It is related to the second statistic, that “blogs that publish daily receive 5 times more traffic than those that publish one post a week or less.”

If you publish more, there are more visits and, therefore, more potential clients.

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