Kittycoin Token Review (Will Kittycoin Pump 1000X?)

Kittycoin Token ( Review – Will this brand new cryptocurrency pump 1000X and make investors rich in 2021-2022? Why Kittycoin could be the next bitcoin or dogecoin, the details exposed.

Inspired by Dogecoin, Kittycoin is a new meme-based peer-to-peer cryptocurrency. Unlike other cryptocurrencies that are only used for investment and online transactions, Kittycoin aims at encouraging mainstream cryptocurrency adoption as well as supporting animal shelters or rescue centers through charity voting. To get started with Kittycoin, you need to choose a compatible crypto wallet application from the Kittycoin website. Here’s some more information on this topic.

Benefits of Kittycoin Token

This cryptocurrency comes with several benefits that make it worthwhile. They include, among others:

• Charity voting — As mentioned earlier, Kittycoin supports philanthropy by donating part of its supply to animal shelters and rescues that are voted upon by users. More specifically, 10% of the newly created Kittycoins are donated to help abandoned animals as well as endangered species in wildlife reserves.

• Free signup — This feature allows new users to sign up for Kittycoin free of charge. It encourages mainstream user adoption of this currency, especially for those unwilling or unable to pay a registration fee.

• Fast and cheap online transactions — With Kittycoin, you can enjoy not only safe but fast and cheap transactions. For instance, you can complete an average transaction almost instantly for less than a penny.

• Free Kittycoin tokens for new users — Usually, cryptocurrencies require new users to purchase coins and use them for mining and transacting. This means that as a new user, it may take some time before you make your first profit on the cryptocurrency wallet. While this is not necessarily a bad thing, it can discourage new users from signing up, especially those that can’t afford to buy tokens. Thankfully, Kittycoin offers free coins to new users upon sign-up, hence encouraging user adoption. Take note that while Kittycoin is offering 1,000 coins now, the figure will keep going down as the number of users increases. With this in mind, ensure you sign up soon before the offer ends.

• Built-in affiliate marketing program — Because there’s no single party that controls Kittycoin supply, marketing can be difficult. To solve this, Kittycoin has a built-in affiliate marketing program that allows users to invite others through referrals. For every successful referral, you can earn up to 1000 free Kittycoins.

• No expensive equipment is required for mining — Due to the high processing power required in cryptocurrency mining, mining equipment can burn a lot of electricity. To maximize profit in mining, the Corporate Finance Institute (CFI) recommends ensuring that electricity costs remain low. The good news is that Kittycoin mining does not require special mining equipment that can consume a lot of power. Instead, you can effectively mine Kittycoins using a traditional computer or phone with the “Proof of Activity” mining method.

• Investment — When you participate in the mining process, Kittycoin pays you 20% of its supply, enabling you to earn a profit on your invested coins.

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