Lovecoin Token Review – (Will Lovecoin Pump 1000X?)

Lovecoin Token ( Review – Will this brand new cryptocurrency pump 1000X and make investors rich in 2021-2022? Why Lovecoin could be the next bitcoin or ethereum, the details exposed.

What’s Lovecoin

Lovecoin is a decentralized peer to peer cryptocurrency built on the Tron and Bitcoin blockchain. It’s purposefully designed to allow mass adoption of cryptocurrencies while spreading love and encouraging economic freedom.

How Lovecoin will achieve mass adoption of cryptocurrencies

Although the wave of excitement and revolution has brought with it, the latest research reports show that only about 2-3% of the global population owns cryptocurrencies. Interestingly, about 60% of the worldwide population uses the internet. The percentage keeps growing at a high rate with all kinds of services and businesses going online.

Well, Lovecoin seeks to bridge the gap between the percentage of internet users and the percentage of cryptocurrency owners. Lovecoin will achieve this through:

  • Solve the ‘Pay to Use’ barrier
  • Introducing an affiliate marketing program
  • Make coin mining more accessible.
  • Introducing charitable causes

Join for Free and Get Awarded Lovecoins

The success of any brand and company hugely depends on the adoption by primary users. TikTok is one of the companies that achieved the fasted mass adoption in the shortest period. Other companies like Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and google also enjoy quite a large number of users. What’s the secret?

Currently, the main weakness of the 99% of cryptocurrencies available in the market is that you’ll need to buy them to own and use them.

Cryptocurrency is a relatively new industry, and several people won’t be willing to invest, especially without any prior experience.

Lovecoin eliminates the need to buy the token by awarding 50,000 Lovecoins tokens free on signing up. This will encourage faster adoption, and every internet user has an opportunity of owning lovecoin without any initial investment.

However, the earlier you sign up, the higher your chances of owning larger amounts of Lovecoin tokens. The amount to be awarded upon signing up will decrease with time to about 50 coins per new user since the Lovecoin token is limited in supply.

Lovecoin Affiliate Program

Once you have signed up and have your 50,000 lovecoin tokens, you still have an opportunity to get even more coins. And it’s as simple as spreading the word. Incredible right?

Cryptocurrencies are decentralized. This means that it’s unlikely that a particular crypto coin or token can have a successful advertising campaign. Due to decentralization, no specific party owns enough coins to make advertising profitable, hence, no one really bothers with advertising.

By introducing a referral program, Lovecoin ensures you get returns upon successfully introducing a new member to claim the free coins. The reward for every new referral is 50,000 Lovecoins. If you do the math, you’ll need only 20 referrals to become a Lovecoin millionaire. Also, it’s relatively easy to introduce new users since they’re not paying anything.

Mining Lovecoins

When you think about crypto mining, you think of complicated processes, need for technical knowledge and expensive equipment. Fortunately, with Lovecoin, you don’t need to worry.

Lovecoin offers a new innovative crypto mining method called Proof of Activity. Through this method, absolutely anyone can participate in mining Lovecoins. The only equipment you need is your personal computer.

To start mining Lovecoins, all you need to do is to download the mining software then find the available resources; videos and information from the web. 40% of the available Lovecoin is allocated to be compensation for mining.

Supporting Charities

Once you sign up, you can vote to support specific charities or causes. Lovecoins has allocated 10% of the Lovecoins available for supply towards supporting charitable causes.

Lovecoin, A great Investment Opportunity or Not

Lovecoin is definitely an opportunity of a lifetime. First, the strategies put in place will ensure mass adoption; meaning growth and high demand in future. Second, you get experience for free.

Imagine, if you had purchased Bitcoin when it was still worth almost zero dollars. You’d be a billionaire now. This isn’t expert investment advice, but it’s something to contemplate.

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