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30 Best SEO Books Review to Read in 2020

SEO is something unknown and obscure for many, for this reason we have selected some of the best books that deal with search engine positioning. Willing to improve your visibility?

t seems incredible that in the digital age that we live in, paper books continue to have their weight, but I love it.

With SEO it could not be otherwise and there are numerous SEO books that will help you better understand the wonderful world of search engine optimization.

I am a classic. There is always a book on my nightstand. A book as God intended: on paper. Usually it is usually a novel, in order to release my neurons minutes before falling into bed fried.

But between novels and novels, the SEO theme appears from time to time and I devour books on SEO .

That is why in my search for the best SEO books on the market, I have decided to make a list of all those books that smell like SEO.

If you want to learn more about link building, Ward’s book will help you create links to promote your site using his strategies.

30 Best Books on SEO by Market Leader


  1. Ultimate Guide to Link Building

Author: Eric Ward and Garrett French

This book is dedicated to the processes of finding useful links. Eric Ward was a link building pioneer who laid the foundation for modern link building. As one of the greats in the industry, it makes sense for him to write a book about his craft’s ultimate guide.

For many, link building is the most complex part of SEO, so the information and ideas presented in this book can make a big difference. The book’s only drawback is that it is a bit older (published in 2013), but its content is still up-to-date and relevant.

You’ll find out;

  • how to find opportunities in your niche
  • Evaluating and getting the right types of links
  • how to create content that others will want to connect with.
  • building relationships
  1. Search Engine Optimization All-in-One for Dummies

Author: Bruce Clay

This book provides detailed information on using search engine optimization to improve the volume of traffic to your website based on search results. Here you will find everything you need to know about SEO.

This book will quickly introduce you to SEO to get your website to the top of the rankings, address different search queries, and get more results in the industry-specific vertical search engines!

You’ll find out;

  • how to apply effective keyword strategies
  • what is search engines and how it works
  • latest international practices about SEO

You need this book to beat your competitors if you are a website creator, owner, seller, or SEO consultant.

  1. SEO Step-by-Step

Author: Caimin Jones

The SEO Step-by-Step is a newbie SEO book written by Caimin Jones. It concentrates on Specifics of SEO when dealing with optimization. It clearly explains the essential SEO aspects you can use to boost your traffic and get Google ranking without frustration.

You will learn about keywords and use them on your website to increase visitors and search engine bots.  It also teaches on-page optimization strategies to increase loading speed and offer user-friendliness on your site.

You will learn how to;

  • Money-making keywords
  • Use social media marketing.
  • Improve indexing algorithms
  • Tips on creating high-quality content
  • Maximizing search engine traffic
  1. SEO for Growth

Authors: Jantsch and Phil Singleton

The book is divided into two: the first part gives a detailed overview of search engines, algorithms, and design changes so that you can understand how Google “thinks.” The second part gives an overview of the latest technologies SEO, which have proven themselves in the industry this year.

This book on SEO will guide you through the strategies applied in your case, depending on the specific phase of optimization in which you are currently. It also provides the thinking and strategy you need to get the right SEO and introduces specific methods to apply to each phase of your new business.

You will find out;

  • The basic concepts of SEO, including search engines
  • Website indexing, on-site optimization, and much more
  • social media to generate traffic
  • Creation of high-quality links
  1. SEO Like I’m 5

Author: Matthew Capala

It is a great book for beginners. It is not so much basis and scaled back for beginners but a different approach to make SEO understandable.

The book is divided into several sections for SEO 5 C: content, Code, Credibility, Connection, and Cash. The book has many screenshots and color images, making it a little more visual than some SEO books.

SEO, Like I’m 5, will guide you through a seminar-style and action-oriented process of planning, creating, and optimizing your online presence. You will learn how to do;

  • Monetize your website
  • Build a successful social media strategy
  • Attract links to your content
  • Create a search-friendly website
  1. The Art of SEO

Authors: Eric Enge, Stephen Spencer & Jessie Stricchiola.

The Art of SEO: It is a book with a detailed overview of SEO elements, from creating strategies to technical knowledge and strategy alignment. Whether you are new to SEO or a veteran, you will get something from this book.

There are also chapters covering areas that complement SEO, such as content marketing and social media’s importance. Also, the book is written for SEO beginners and professionals, consultants, and business owners. Here you will find information on how search engines work and how to hire the right SEO specialist or create your SEO team.

You’ll learn how to do it;

  • Create an SEO team and learn more about the future of search engine optimization.
  • Maintain good SEO results.
  • Understand the role of social media, user data, and links.
  • Learn more about the effects of Google Panda and Penguin algorithms.
  1. SEO Made Easy

Author: Evan Bailyn

SEO Made Easy is a great book to start if you are just starting to learn SEO. It tells you all the secrets you need to know to be at the top of any search engine. He breaks down SEO so that it is easy to digest and understand.

The book also teaches you to avoid actions in the black hat, leading to deindexed and mortally damage to your business. He reveals tricks, tips, and secrets that can make your site one of the first search engines. SEO Made Easy is an ideal basis for those who are just beginning to learn SEO.

You will discover;

  • how to effectively use the content
  • boost traffic
  • what Google wants
  • how to create links, how to be indexed, different ways to use keywords
  • how to build opportunities
  1. Landing Page Optimization:

Author: Tim Ash, Maura Ginty, Rich Page

It is not exactly a specific SEO book, but it covers many of the same search engine optimization topics. Tim and his co-authors give a guide on creating optimized and tested landing pages.

The author starts by helping you understand what landing page optimization is, why it is important, and a bit of its psychology. From there, he shows you how to make your landing pages even better by tackling common problems and using problem diagnostic tools.

You will learn it;

  • how to attract more customers
  • how to have a better online presence as a company
  • how can to achieve better results
  1. SEO 2019


Author: Adam Clarke

The book by Adam Clarke is a good SEO book a beginner. You can use to learn things related to SEO. The book will give you information on SEO fundamental levels and set your path to rank your website over competitors.

It does not only give steps on how to Google work, but also an in-depth understanding of building links. The SEO book walks you through new and powerful ideas on building links without using any black hat way or being penalized.

You will discover;

New SEO concepts for newbie
The latest Google’s algorithm changes
How to recover from Google penalties
Tactics for money-making keywords and social media hacking
Powerful techniques on link building used by SEO experts

It has the latest’s SEO information that explains the current state and how to optimize search engines for the future.

  1. SEO: Marketing Strategies to Dominate the First Page

Author: Grant Kennedy

SEO: Marketing Strategies to Dominate the First Page gives you the overview you need to get on the road to professional SEO. It presents your Internet marketing concepts using search engines such as Yahoo, Google, Bing, etc., providing you with innovative techniques.

It is all you need to know about search engine optimization. You will learn;

  • The difference between social media and content marketing
  • Measuring traffic quality
  • What is SEO, and how does it work?
  • The 10 tips for the domain on the first page
  • Use keywords and promote the website.

So get your copy now and become an SEO master!

  1. SEO Fitness Workbook 2019

Author: Jason McDonald

SEO Fitness Workbook goes beyond teaching ideas and theories.  It is written by Jason McDonald, one of the most known SEO guru.  He has been active on the Internet to teach online marketing strategies since the early 1990s. He takes you through steps on SEO that make beginners understand better.

The book comes with access to worksheets and an online SEO tool to help you keep your SEO as per the updated algorithm.  It focuses on optimizing your website through on-page and off-page SEO. It also offers techniques for building an SEO-friendly website with social authority, getting inbound links, and blog mention.

You will learn;

“Hands-on” worksheets a deliverables
Bing and Google ranking
Access to online SEO tools
Latest in SEO strategy
Keywords, links, and metrics

  1. 3 months to No. 1

Author: Will Coombe

The new book is written by an SEO expert who has 7 years of experience as an SEO professional. In this book, you will read the design and the step-by-step SEO checklist, which is necessary to get your website to the top of Google within 3 months. It is a complete guide to getting good SEO results.

You will learn:

  • simple link building tactic
  • diagnose and avoid Google’s penalty
  • getting money-making keywords
  • secret SEO
  • social media marketing, local and e-commerce SEO
  • social media marketing, local SEO, and e-commerce SEO
  1. The Link Building Book

Author: Paddy Moogan

The author is a recognized specialist in the field of link building. He is responsible for writing one of the most comprehensive works of link building.

In his book on link building, Moogan is immersed in many fascinating techniques that can be learned about link building.

Although this book was written in 2015, its purchase will give you a significant advantage when purchasing a license.

You will learn how;

  • link building
  • wide range of methods that can be added to your link building.
  • planning and execution of link building campaigns
  1. SEO 2016

Author: R.L. Adams

The book will show you how and what happens when the SEO script changes to be surprised by updates from the major search engines. Since 2011, Google’s mission has been to crawl and fend off spam – my websites that sacrifice user experience, focus on exquisite content, or simply waste their time trying to get to the top of search results with tricks and mistakes.

It’s a goldmine that shows the latest information about SEO techniques and strategies and what works at the moment. The author, R.L. Adams, goes deeper into unexplored SEO waters, including web design structures and their implementation.

You will learn;

  • how the search algorithm influences Google search results.
  • how to best optimize your website and its content
  1. Optimize

Author: Lee Odden

The book aims to provide readers with a practical approach to integrating social media and search optimization with content marketing to increase customer relevance, engagement, and visibility.

Companies large and small will benefit from the practical planning and marketing tactics for creative content described in this book, which has been proven to improve online performance through marketing, public relations, and customer service.

You will learn;

  • Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, and Marketing Tactics.
  • How to engage in social media
  • Adaptive online marketing strategy
  1. SEO No BS Strategy

Author:  Casey Henry

This book is very well suited for the newbie in SEO. Henry has many practical tips for free and cheaper SEO tools.

It has a great approach for small teams because writing, editing, and running SEO on the site itself can be overwhelming. For photos, he recommends taking original photos and creating graphics to spark Google’s stated interest in fresh, original content and help with Google’s global ratings and images.

There is a section on video and YouTube, and you will find that no matter how attractive a video is, there will always be less competition because videos are much harder to produce than text.

You’ll find out;

  • Keywords that make money.
  • Content optimization
  • Writing content
  • How to create a link
  1. SEO 2016 by Adam Clarke

Author: Adam Clarke

The book is now updated to cover the latest changes to Google’s algorithm. This book aims to give you information on Google’s algorithm and what potential Google changes may be working on in 2016.

This SEO book claims to help you discover new powerful link building techniques that SEO experts use in their campaigns. The book walks you through new and powerful techniques that won’t get you into trouble with Google—now expanded and updated with more link building strategies and extra tips for advanced readers.

You will discover:

  • Important SEO concepts
  • Get local businesses ranking high with local SEO
  • Find “money” keywords
  • Get expert SEO tactics
  1. Get into bed with Google

Author: Jon Smith

To understand SEO, you need to know a few things about Google. This book contains innovative ideas for SEO optimization.

This book was also written with in-depth analysis from Google. Rather than fooling you with flowery or high-tech language, Smith provides easy-to-understand SEO tips. It allows you to understand It and know exactly why search engines can’t find your site or why your content isn’t rated so well by Google.

You will learn how to do this;

  • improve your position in Google
  • direct traffic to your website
  • check the SEO ranking
  1. Own Your Niche

Author:  Stephanie Chandler

The book perfectly copes with the task of merging more multidisciplinary aspects of SEO, such as the creation and distribution of high-priority content identification audiences, as well as the generation of exposure through search engines.

Own Your Niche is an excellent book for any SEO that has reached the plateau. Organic success does not exist in a vacuum, and often you cannot or rely on it as the only source of movement. This book does a great job of bridging the gap between organic SEO and more holistic digital marketing, making it an excellent choice for digital marketing professionals of all kinds.

You’ll discover;

  • SEO aspect of digital marketing
  • How to increase traffic to your site
  • Increased Digital Exposure
  • Content Distribution
  1. SEO Expert Strategies

Author: Sam Adodra

The author describes the SEO tactics used by experienced SEO experts and consultants around the world. Furthermore, it is argued that any small business owner can easily apply all these tactics.

The greatest motivation this book brings to its readers is a simple fact that people have become busier but also smarter. So if you want your content to be found and enjoyed, you need to work with a big bouncer called Google.

You will learn:

  • What kind of traffic do you need
  • Search Engine Optimization features
  • How to build authority
  • Different types of analysis of your niche competitors
  • Google Penalties
  1. SEO Myths and Half-Truths

Author:  David Hood

The book reveals all the speculative theories about SEO and its ability to put the business at the forefront of Internet awareness. The author shows that considering search engine optimization as a dubious practice without obvious results will never lead to business success.

Therefore, to develop the most appropriate strategy for you, it is necessary to study it deeply and from different angles. To help you avoid confusion with certain SEO tactics, the author presents each of them as one of many ways to improve your site’s presence on the Internet.

You will learn;

  • SEO tactics
  • How to develop a strategy
  • Improve the online presence of the site
  1. Create a Website and Profit

Author: Iskra Evtimova

In the book, you will learn how to create a website in an SEO friendly way or how to name it in an SEO website/page. The book covers everything from choosing a domain name to the entire content of the website. The big advantage is that there is a whole chapter on how to convert more visitors and optimize conversion rates in the end.

You can read all about the buttons, colors, and all other elements in a great website. It is also written in a very simple language to understand it, even if they have no computer skills.

You will know;

  • how to choose a domain name.
  • creating a Search Engine Optimization-Compatible Website
  • increase traffic and optimize your site
  1. SEO Fitness Workbook 2018

Author: Jason McDonald

This book goes beyond simply conveying theories and ideas; it offers readers many tools to ensure they have learned the information. It comes with spreadsheets and access to online SEO tools to help people put the information they learn through text in a good place.

This SEO book helps marketers infiltrate SEO thinking to easily adapt to future changes in the industry and stay optimized. The book is intended for marketers, designers, small entrepreneurs, and anyone who wants to know and understand the latest SEO strategy trends.

You will know more about;

  • The latest concept about SEO strategy
  • Money-made keywords
  • Excellent formula for SEO management
  1. SEO for Dummies (7th and 3rd Editions)

This book focuses on explaining SEO to a non-SEO audience, starting from the basics of search engines, and then going through a simple building a basic organic strategy for your business.

Instead of focusing on theory, it immerses you in the process of creating an SEO-friendly website, optimizes its content and pages for ranking, and generally provides a solid foundation for your future SEO efforts.

You will learn how to do;

  • build a keyword strategy
  • understand your competitive position in the market
  • opportunities in your niche
  • increase traffic

If you are looking for a book that focuses more on SEO theory and organic strategy, then SEO for Dummies is for you.

  1. SEO 2017: Learn Search Engine Optimization With Smart Internet Marketing Strategies

Author: Adam Clarke

You will not be complete without the well-known “SEO 2017 Learn Search Engine Optimization With Smart Internet Marketing Strategies “.Clarke writes about how Google works, a history of SEO methods that no longer work, including the way Google ranks websites today.

You’ll find out;

  • Link building techniques
  • Search keywords and SEO on the site
  • Website Analysis
  • Social media and their place in SEO

Clarke also provides an overview of the algorithm updates from Google and offers a glimpse into the future. You will also get an extra chapter in which Clarke gives an introduction to PPC advertising with Google.

  1. The Truth About Search Engine Optimization

Author: Rabecca Lieb

In this book, you can learn more about SEO concepts. With this book, you will learn how to design your website, create search engine friendly content, and get traffic critical to your search engine rankings.

If you want your website to have a high search engine ranking, it is important that you know this factor well and found over forty methods of search engine optimization that can help you improve your website.

You will find out

  • The truth about being site-specific
  • On the SEO page
  • Building on the left side
  • Website rankings
  • SEO management
  • Google penalty
  1. Marketing in the Age of Google

Author: Vanessa Fox

This book is great. It takes much less time and is tempting from the beginning. It covers the discussion of especially paid organic researchers and the value of each of them and gives a rich idea of how we all want to do it.

Fox, who herself is a talented writer, explains in-depth, keeping it simple even for a layperson: why everyone in the company, as aa n owner or business, should know how the research works.

Integration in such areas as business processes is also discussed in detail.

You will learn how:

  • research can change your business
  • to online search
  • search system works
  • implementation of an effective research strategy
  1. SEO Secrets 2019

Author: Phillip Rusell

In this book, the author explains some tips on the first page of SERP to help maintain the site.  This book contains all the main techniques you can ask for.

SEO Top Secret is an excellent book that contains useful information on how to get to the top of search engines. To attract customers to your website, you must have a high score. If your website score is low, your chances of attracting enough customers are low.

You will find out;

  • 7 optimization techniques
  • Effective SEO Guidance
  • Bac link strategies
  • Content writing methods
  1. The Long Tail: Why The Future Of Business Is Selling Less Of More

Author: Chris Anderson

It is one of the best SEO books on the market. It has the necessary knowledge to help you improve your online marketing. This book is dedicated to widgets. It will give you more opportunities than before, in terms of rankings.

It also deals with conversion rates and how they affect your sales. You will learn to focus on SEO to get the most out of your online presence. Whether you’ve been doing this business for many years or just starting, this book is a solid choice that you can add to your shelf!

You will discover how to;

  • how widgets affect your SEO ranking
  • how to make long and short sentences work for you.
  1. SEO for WordPress

Author: Kent Mauresmo

Throughout the book, you will find some Internet marketing techniques that are useful for promoting your site on the Internet, including high-quality content. You will also learn about some of the techniques that should not be used when marketing websites on the Internet, such as multiple backlinks. It is excellent reading for professionals and students who want to improve their SEO skills.

You will learn about it;

  • website optimization
  • backlinks techniques
  • improve SEO Skills
  • internet marketing techniques

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