11 Songs about Chocolate That Will Melt in Your Mouth

Music and chocolate are two of life’s greatest pleasures, so it’s no surprise that there are plenty of songs about this sweet indulgence. From The Beatles to Kylie Minogue, there are countless artists who have found inspiration in the rich, velvety taste of chocolate. Whether it’s a bluesy ballad or an upbeat pop song, these tracks all share a common theme of pleasure, desire, and temptation.

In this collection of “Songs about Chocolate That Will Melt in Your Mouth,” we explore a range of genres and eras, each with its own take on this delicious treat. Some songs, like Tom Waits’ “Chocolate Jesus,” use chocolate as a metaphor for deeper spiritual or emotional themes, while others, like The 1975’s “Chocolate,” focus on the pure pleasure of indulging in something sweet. Some songs, like “Chocolate City” by Parliament, use chocolate as a symbol of black pride and identity, while others, like “Chocolate Girl” by Deacon Blue, celebrate the innocence and joy of childhood.

Whether you prefer milk, dark, or white chocolate, there’s a song on this list to satisfy your sweet tooth. These songs remind us that music and food are both essential to the human experience, and that sometimes the simplest pleasures in life can bring us the greatest joy. So sit back, relax, and let these sweet and sultry tracks take you on a journey through the world of chocolate.

1.Savoy Truffle – The Beatles

“Savoy Truffle” is a song by The Beatles, written by George Harrison and included on their 1968 self-titled album, also known as “The White Album.” The song is a tribute to Harrison’s friend Eric Clapton, who had a sweet tooth for chocolates, and the lyrics describe various flavors of truffles. The music is upbeat and features a prominent saxophone riff, along with guitar, drums, and bass. The song’s catchy melody and Harrison’s distinct vocals make it a fun and memorable addition to The Beatles’ discography.

2.Talkin’ Candy Bar Blues – Peter, Paul and Mary

“Talkin’ Candy Bar Blues” is a folk song performed by Peter, Paul and Mary and written by Fred Hellerman and Fran Minkoff. The song is a humorous take on the woes of trying to eat a candy bar without making a mess. The lyrics are witty and playful, featuring lines like “I never eat a Milky Way, it always leaves a stain” and “Snickers bars are great, but they’re always hard to break.” The music is simple, with acoustic guitar and vocals, allowing the clever lyrics to shine through. The song is a lighthearted and enjoyable addition to the folk genre.

3.Mars Bars – The Undertones

“Mars Bars” is a high-energy punk rock song by the Northern Irish band, The Undertones. Released in 1980 as a single and later included on their album “Hypnotised”, the song is known for its catchy melody, driving guitar riffs, and energetic drumming. The lyrics describe the singer’s obsession with Mars Bars, a popular candy bar in the UK and Ireland, and the chorus features the memorable lines “Mars Bars, Mars Bars, in my head, in my head”. The song’s infectious energy and humorous lyrics have made it a fan favorite and a classic example of punk rock from the era.

4.Chocolate City – Parliament

“Chocolate City” is a funk and soul song by Parliament, a band led by the legendary musician George Clinton. The song was released in 1975 and is known for its upbeat tempo, powerful horn section, and catchy chorus. The lyrics celebrate the African American community of Washington, D.C., often referred to as “Chocolate City” for its predominantly Black population. The song’s message is one of pride in Black culture and history, and the music has a celebratory and empowering quality. “Chocolate City” is a beloved classic of funk and soul music and an important contribution to the canon of Black music.

5.Chocolate Cake – Crowded House

“Chocolate Cake” is a rock song by the Australian band Crowded House, led by singer-songwriter Neil Finn. The song was released in 1991 and is known for its upbeat rhythm, driving guitar riffs, and tongue-in-cheek lyrics. The song’s lyrics take a critical look at American excess, consumerism, and obsession with indulgence, using the metaphor of “chocolate cake” to represent these themes. The music has a frenetic and slightly off-kilter quality, with a distinct ’90s rock sound that fits well with the song’s themes. “Chocolate Cake” is a fun and catchy song that is a standout from Crowded House’s extensive discography.

6.Chocolate – Kylie Minogue

“Chocolate” is a sultry and seductive song by the Australian pop singer Kylie Minogue. Released in 2003 as a single and later included on her album “Body Language,” the song is known for its smooth, R&B-inflected sound and Minogue’s breathy vocals. The lyrics use chocolate as a metaphor for desire and sensuality, with lines like “I’m just a girl with the chocolate on her teeth” and “Melting in your arms, what a sweet sensation.” The music has a slinky and hypnotic quality, with electronic beats and an infectious chorus. “Chocolate” is a standout from Minogue’s extensive discography and is a classic example of her signature blend of pop and sensuality.

7.Chocolate – Kiana Ledé (feat. Ari Lennox)

“Chocolate” is a smooth and soulful R&B song by the American singer Kiana Ledé, featuring Ari Lennox. Released in 2020, the song is known for its sultry and sensual lyrics, as well as its silky-smooth sound. The music is driven by a slow and groovy beat, with atmospheric synths and lush harmonies. The lyrics use chocolate as a metaphor for intimacy, with lines like “I want you meltin’ on me, I wanna taste your love like chocolate.” Ledé and Lennox’s vocals complement each other perfectly, creating a rich and layered sound. “Chocolate” is a standout from Ledé’s growing discography and a modern example of R&B’s sensuality and seductiveness.

8.Chocolate Jesus – Tom Waits

“Chocolate Jesus” is a bluesy and gospel-inspired song by American singer-songwriter Tom Waits. Released in 1999 on his album “Mule Variations,” the song is known for its gritty vocals, pounding piano, and raw sound. The lyrics use religious imagery, including the title metaphor of a “Chocolate Jesus,” to explore themes of faith, desire, and temptation. The music has a dark and brooding quality, with a driving rhythm and Waits’ gravelly voice adding to the song’s haunting atmosphere. “Chocolate Jesus” is a powerful example of Waits’ unique blend of blues, rock, and folk, and is considered a classic in his extensive discography.

9.Chocolate Girl – Deacon Blue

“Chocolate Girl” is a melodic and catchy song by the Scottish band Deacon Blue. Released in 1984 as a single, the song is known for its upbeat rhythm, jangling guitar riffs, and catchy chorus. The lyrics tell the story of a young girl who loves chocolate and is searching for her place in the world, with lines like “She dreams in colour, she dreams in red, can’t find a better colour in the crayon box.” The music has a joyful and infectious quality, with a distinctive ’80s pop sound that makes it a standout from Deacon Blue’s discography. “Chocolate Girl” is a beloved classic of Scottish pop music and a nostalgic trip back to the 1980s.

10.Chocolate – The 1975

“Chocolate” is an upbeat and catchy song by the British band The 1975. Released in 2013 on their self-titled debut album, the song is known for its infectious pop sound and catchy chorus. The lyrics use chocolate as a metaphor for love and affection, with lines like “I’m just trying to find a nice way to tell you you’re doing it wrong, you tasted like the shade of the wrong guy.” The music has a fun and energetic quality, with a bright guitar sound and upbeat drums. “Chocolate” is one of The 1975’s most popular songs and a great example of their distinctive blend of pop and indie rock.

11.A Chocolate Sundae on a Saturday Night – Doris Day

“A Chocolate Sundae on a Saturday Night” is a classic song by American singer and actress Doris Day. Released in 1941, the song is known for its jazzy and upbeat sound, with Day’s smooth vocals adding to its playful charm. The lyrics use chocolate as a metaphor for the pleasures of life, with lines like “A chocolate sundae on a Saturday night is food for the soul, good for the appetite.” The music has a lively and infectious quality, with a swinging rhythm section and a catchy melody. “A Chocolate Sundae on a Saturday Night” is a timeless classic of American popular music and a reminder of a bygone era of jazz and swing.

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