17 Best Songs about Montana

Montana is a state renowned for its natural beauty, outdoor recreation, and rich history. It has inspired many artists and musicians over the years, leading to a rich musical culture. From country and folk to rock and blues, Montana’s diverse musical scene has produced many classic songs that celebrate the state’s unique spirit and landscapes.

In this article, we’ve curated a list of the top 17 best songs about Montana. From John Denver’s iconic “Rocky Mountain High” to Wilco’s “Casino Queen,” we’ll explore the stories behind each song and how they capture the essence of Montana’s rugged terrain, pioneering spirit, and colorful history. Whether you’re a fan of classic country, contemporary folk, or indie rock, this list has something for everyone. So sit back, put on your headphones, and let’s dive into the sounds of Montana!

1. Montana Song – Hank Williams Jr.

Montana Song by Hank Williams Jr. is a country song that praises the beauty of Montana. It features Williams’ signature style of country rock with twangy guitar riffs and upbeat rhythm. The lyrics describe the picturesque landscapes of Montana, including the mountains, the rivers, and the prairies. The song also mentions some of the state’s attractions, such as Yellowstone National Park and the ski resorts. Overall, Montana

2. Montana – Frank Zappa

Montana by Frank Zappa is a psychedelic rock instrumental that showcases Zappa’s guitar virtuosity. The song features a complex arrangement of guitar melodies, funky bass lines, and intricate percussion patterns. The title “Montana” is a reference to Zappa’s home state, but the song does not have any lyrics or obvious references to Montana. Instead, the music evokes a sense of adventure and exploration, with its meandering guitar solos and unpredictable time signature changes. Montana is a challenging and rewarding piece of music that highlights Zappa’s experimental approach to rock music.

3. Meet Me In Montana – Marie Osmond

“Meet Me In Montana” is a classic country duet sung by Marie Osmond and Dan Seals. The song tells the story of two lovers who are separated by distance and long to be reunited in Montana. The lyrics paint a romantic picture of Montana’s natural beauty, from the snow-capped mountains to the rolling hills and big sky. The chorus is catchy and heartfelt, with Osmond and Seals singing in harmony about their desire to be together in Montana. The song’s production is typical of 1980s country music, with electric guitars, drums, and keyboards providing a lively and upbeat accompaniment to the vocals. “Meet Me In Montana” is a timeless country love song that captures the magic of Montana’s landscape and the power of long-distance romance.

4. Wild Montana Skies – John Denver

“Wild Montana Skies” is a folk song by John Denver that celebrates the natural beauty of Montana. The song features Denver’s signature acoustic guitar playing and warm vocals, along with a string section and harmonica. The lyrics describe the changing seasons in Montana, from the winter snow to the spring flowers and the summer sun. Denver sings about the animals that call Montana home, including the elk, the moose, and the grizzly bear. The chorus is a heartfelt tribute to Montana’s vast skies and rugged landscape. “Wild Montana Skies” is a poignant and uplifting song that captures the spirit of the American West.

5. Big City – Merle Haggard

“Big City” is a classic country song by Merle Haggard that tells the story of a small-town boy who moves to the city in search of a better life. The song features Haggard’s distinct voice and twangy guitar, along with a lively rhythm section and honky-tonk piano. The lyrics contrast the hustle and bustle of city life with the simple pleasures of the country, such as fishing and hunting. Haggard sings about the challenges of adapting to city life, from the noisy streets to the impersonal crowds. The chorus is a wistful reminder of the boy’s roots and his longing for the freedom of the open road. “Big City” is a timeless country classic that captures the tension between urban and rural America.

6. Montana – Dave Stamey

“Montana” is a country song by Dave Stamey that pays tribute to the rugged beauty of Montana’s landscape and the people who call it home. The song features Stamey’s deep, resonant voice and acoustic guitar playing, along with a gentle rhythm section and harmonica. The lyrics describe Montana’s wide-open spaces, from the high mountain peaks to the rolling prairies and the winding rivers. Stamey sings about the cowboys, loggers, and miners who work the land and the small towns that dot the countryside. The chorus is a poignant reflection on the timeless beauty of Montana and the enduring spirit of its people. “Montana” is a heartfelt tribute to the American West and the values that define it.

7. Rox in the Box – The Decemberists

“Rox in the Box” is an indie folk song by The Decemberists that tells the story of a miner working in the copper mines of Butte, Montana. The song features Colin Meloy’s distinctive vocals, along with a lively accordion, mandolin, and acoustic guitar. The lyrics describe the dangerous and back-breaking work of the miners, as well as their camaraderie and rebellious spirit. The chorus is a rousing celebration of the miners’ resilience and defiance, set to an infectious folk melody. “Rox in the Box” is a poignant and evocative song that captures the gritty reality and colorful history of Butte, Montana.

8. I’ll Wait For you – Joe Nichols

“I’ll Wait for You” is a classic country ballad by Joe Nichols that tells the story of a man who promises to wait for his true love to return to him, no matter how long it takes. The song features Nichols’ smooth, baritone voice, along with a simple acoustic guitar and piano accompaniment. The lyrics describe the man’s unwavering devotion and his memories of their time together. Nichols sings about the passing seasons and the changing landscapes, from the mountains to the sea. The chorus is a heartfelt declaration of the man’s love and his promise to wait for his beloved. “I’ll Wait for You” is a timeless love song that captures the power of patience and fidelity.

9. Montana – Justin Timberlake

“Montana” is a pop song by Justin Timberlake that tells the story of a man reminiscing about a past relationship in the idyllic setting of Montana. The song features Timberlake’s smooth, soulful vocals, along with a catchy pop beat and a driving bassline. The lyrics describe the man’s memories of his former lover and the picturesque scenery of Montana. Timberlake sings about the beauty of the mountains, the clear blue sky, and the peaceful atmosphere of the state. The chorus is a wistful reflection on the man’s feelings of loss and regret. “Montana” is a nostalgic and introspective song that captures the bittersweet emotions of a failed romance and the natural beauty of the American West.

10. Showdown at Big Sky – Robbie Robertson

“Showdown at Big Sky” is a rock song by Robbie Robertson that tells the story of a man caught in a dangerous situation in the wilds of Montana. The song features Robertson’s distinctive guitar work, along with a driving beat and a haunting synthesizer melody. The lyrics describe the man’s journey through the wilderness, where he encounters various dangers and challenges. The chorus is a tense and dramatic description of a confrontation with a group of outlaws. “Showdown at Big Sky” is a thrilling and atmospheric song that captures the rugged beauty and excitement of the American West.

11. Livingston Saturday Night – Jimmy Buffett

“Livingston Saturday Night” is a country song by Jimmy Buffett that celebrates the lively nightlife and community spirit of Livingston, Montana. The song features Buffett’s laid-back vocals, along with a catchy country beat and a rollicking piano melody. The lyrics describe the vibrant scene in Livingston on a Saturday night, with people dancing, drinking, and having fun. Buffett sings about the various characters and activities in the town, from the local bar to the rodeo grounds. “Livingston Saturday Night” is a cheerful and upbeat song that captures the sense of camaraderie and joy that can be found in small-town America.

12. Montana – Daya

“Montana” is a pop song by American singer Daya, released in 2019. The song features Daya’s soulful vocals, along with a catchy beat and atmospheric synthesizers. The lyrics describe a romantic encounter between two people in the state of Montana, with Daya singing about the beauty of the landscape and the feelings of attraction and connection between the two. The chorus is a soaring expression of the intense emotions that the couple experiences, with Daya singing about the power of their love. “Montana” is a dreamy and romantic song that captures the sense of wonder and possibility that can be found in falling in love in a beautiful place.

13. Say Goodbye to Montana – Don Edwards

“Say Goodbye to Montana” is a classic western song performed by American cowboy singer Don Edwards. The song tells the story of a cowboy who has spent his life in Montana, but must now leave due to changing times and circumstances. The lyrics reflect on the beauty of the land, the hardships of life on the frontier, and the sense of loss that comes with leaving a place that has become home. Edwards’ voice and acoustic guitar capture the rugged, poignant spirit of the song, making it a moving tribute to the western way of life.

14. Montana – James Taylor

“Montana” is a mellow folk song by American singer-songwriter James Taylor. Released in 1971, the song features Taylor’s distinctive voice and acoustic guitar, along with gentle harmonies and a subtle orchestration. The lyrics describe Taylor’s experiences traveling through Montana, including his encounters with the state’s natural beauty and its people. The song captures the sense of wonder and freedom that comes with travel, and Taylor’s voice and guitar playing convey a sense of introspection and serenity. “Montana” is a heartfelt tribute to the simple joys of life on the road and the beauty of the American west.

15. Montana Rodeo – Chris LeDoux

“Montana Rodeo” by Chris LeDoux is a classic country-western song that tells the story of a rodeo cowboy’s experiences at a rodeo in Montana. The song begins with an upbeat guitar riff and LeDoux’s distinctive twang, and the lyrics immediately transport the listener to the dusty arenas of the American West. The chorus is catchy and anthemic, with LeDoux proclaiming “Montana rodeo, I’m addicted to the thrill / Montana rodeo, it’s in my blood, it’s what I feel.” Overall, “Montana Rodeo” is a quintessential example of LeDoux’s style, which blends traditional country-western instrumentation and storytelling with a rugged, authentic attitude that reflects his own experiences as a rodeo cowboy. The song is a celebration of the thrill and challenge of rodeo, as well as the tight-knit community that surrounds it.

16. Montana Sky – White Heart

“Montana Sky” is a reflective ballad by the Christian rock band White Heart. The song opens with gentle acoustic guitar strumming and lead singer Rick Florian’s plaintive vocals. The lyrics describe a scene of natural beauty, as the narrator looks out over the vast expanse of the Montana sky and contemplates the majesty of creation. As the song progresses, Florian’s voice grows in intensity, and the instrumentation builds to a crescendo with soaring electric guitar solos and pounding drums. The lyrics shift from simple observations of the natural world to more abstract musings on the nature of existence and the human condition.

17. Butte America – Tim Montana

“Butte America” is a high-energy country-rock anthem by singer-songwriter Tim Montana. The song opens with an electrifying guitar riff and Montana’s gravelly voice delivering a series of rapid-fire lyrics that pay tribute to his hometown of Butte, Montana. “Butte America” is a testament to the enduring spirit of small-town America, and to the pride that people feel in their hometowns and the values they embody. It is a song that inspires listeners to embrace their own roots and to celebrate the unique spirit of their communities.

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