17 Best Songs about School

As the saying goes, school days are the best days of our lives. They are the years of growth, learning, and unforgettable memories. And nothing can bring back those memories quite like a good school song. Whether it’s a classic ballad or a more modern anthem, songs about school can take us back to the halls of our alma mater and remind us of the people and experiences that shaped our lives.

In this article, we will explore the top 17 best songs about school, from timeless classics to modern hits. We will take a trip down memory lane and relive the joys and pains of adolescence, the friends we made and the teachers we loved (or hated). Whether you’re looking for inspiration for your school reunion playlist or just want to indulge in a bit of nostalgia, this article is for you. So, put on your varsity jacket, grab your yearbook, and let’s take a musical journey through the best school songs of all time.

1. What I Go to School For – Jonas Brothers

“What I Go to School For” is a pop-punk anthem by the Jonas Brothers that tells the story of a high school student’s crush on his teacher. The song, which was released in 2006, features driving guitars and catchy hooks that perfectly capture the teenage angst and infatuation that many of us experienced during our school days. The lyrics are full of playful humor and youthful energy, as the protagonist daydreams about his teacher while trying to focus on his studies. The song’s music video, which features the brothers dressed up as schoolboys and chasing after their teacher, adds to the song’s infectious charm. “What I Go to School For” is a fun and lighthearted tribute to the innocent crushes and youthful longings that we all experienced in our school days.

2. High School – MC5

“High School” is a garage rock classic by MC5 that takes a rebellious and satirical look at the school experience. Released in 1970, the song features distorted guitar riffs, pounding drums, and snarling vocals that capture the youthful energy and angst of the era. The lyrics are full of social commentary and critique the conformity and monotony of the educational system. “High School” is a raw and powerful protest song that speaks to the frustrations and rebelliousness that many young people feel during their high school years.

3. Beauty School Dropout – Frankie Avalon

“Beauty School Dropout” is a 1960s pop classic by Frankie Avalon that features lush orchestration and smooth vocal harmonies. The song was originally featured in the movie musical “Grease” and has since become an iconic anthem for beauty schools and beauty professionals. The lyrics speak of a student who has dropped out of beauty school and is encouraged to return by a guardian angel. The song’s upbeat melody and uplifting message have made it a timeless favorite and a staple of the beauty industry. “Beauty School Dropout” is a charming and feel-good song that celebrates the creativity, passion, and hard work of those who pursue a career in beauty.

4. School Days – Loudon Wainwright III

“School Days” is a folk song by Loudon Wainwright III that reminisces on the joys and struggles of the school experience. The song, which was released in 1971, features Wainwright’s signature acoustic guitar playing and witty, introspective lyrics that touch on themes such as bullying, puberty, and young love. The song’s chorus, which repeats the line “School Days, School Days, Dear old golden rule days,” captures the bittersweet nostalgia and longing that many of us feel for our school years. “School Days” is a heartfelt and introspective song that speaks to the universal experiences and emotions that we all share.

5. Rock ‘n’ Roll High School – Ramones

“Rock ‘n’ Roll High School” is a punk rock classic by the Ramones that celebrates the liberating and rebellious spirit of rock and roll. Released in 1979, the song features driving guitars, propulsive drums, and the Ramones’ trademark sneering vocals that perfectly capture the raw power and energy of the genre. The lyrics tell the story of a group of students who rebel against their strict principal and organize a rock concert in their high school. “Rock ‘n’ Roll High School” is a fun and anthemic song that celebrates the freedom and joy that rock and roll can bring.

6. School Days – Chuck Berry

“School Days” is a rock and roll classic by Chuck Berry that tells the story of a student who is excited to return to school after the summer break. Released in 1957, the song features Berry’s signature guitar playing and catchy, upbeat lyrics that capture the joy and energy of youth. The song’s chorus, which repeats the line “Hail, hail, rock and roll,” has become an iconic refrain and a tribute to the power and influence of the genre. “School Days” is a fun and lively song that celebrates the excitement and enthusiasm of the school experience.

7. My Old School – Steely Dan

“My Old School” is a jazz-rock fusion classic by Steely Dan that tells the story of a student who returns to his alma mater after being expelled for his involvement in a drug bust. Released in 1973, the song features complex instrumentation, intricate arrangements, and Donald Fagen’s distinctive vocals that perfectly capture the sardonic and witty tone of the lyrics. The song is full of references to real-life people and places, including Bard College, a liberal arts college in upstate New York that Fagen and Walter Becker attended. “My Old School” is a sophisticated and intelligent song that blends elements of jazz, rock, and pop to create a unique and memorable sound.

8. Back to School (Mini Maggit) – Deftones

“Back to School (Mini Maggit)” is an alternative metal song by Deftones that was released in 2001. The song was originally written as a reworked version of the band’s hit song “Pink Maggit” from their 2000 album “White Pony,” and features heavy guitars, aggressive vocals, and a driving rhythm section. The lyrics speak to the frustration and alienation that can come with returning to school after a summer break, and the sense of detachment that can come from feeling like an outsider in a conformist environment. “Back to School (Mini Maggit)” is a powerful and cathartic song that captures the angst and energy of youth.

9. Too Cool for School – Fountains of Wayne

“Too Cool for School” is a power pop song by Fountains of Wayne that was released in 2003. The song features catchy melodies, jangly guitars, and wry, humorous lyrics that poke fun at the idea of being too cool for school. The song’s narrator describes the various ways in which he thinks he’s better than his classmates, from his fashion sense to his taste in music. The chorus features the catchy and sarcastic refrain “I’m too cool for school,” which has become a popular catchphrase among fans of the band. “Too Cool for School” is a fun and lighthearted song that celebrates the joys and quirks of being a teenager.

10. School’s Out – Alice Cooper

“School’s Out” is a classic rock song by Alice Cooper that was released in 1972. The song’s catchy guitar riffs and anthemic chorus have made it a staple of classic rock radio and a popular choice for graduation ceremonies. The song’s lyrics express the joy and freedom of finally being released from the drudgery of the school year, and the rebellious spirit that can come with youth. “School’s Out” is a high-energy and fun song that captures the excitement and anticipation of the summer months.

11. School Spirit – Ye

“School Spirit” is a hip-hop song by Kanye West that was released in 2004. The song’s production features a sample from the track “Spirit in the Dark” by Aretha Franklin and a driving beat that gives the song a powerful and energetic feel. The song’s lyrics speak to the challenges and pressures that can come with attending an elite university, as well as the sense of pride and accomplishment that can come from achieving success in that environment. “School Spirit” is a thought-provoking and dynamic song that reflects on the complexities of higher education and the ways in which it can shape one’s identity and worldview.

12. School is Out – Regina Spektor

“School is Out” is a song by Regina Spektor that was released in 2007. The song features Spektor’s distinctive vocals and piano playing, as well as a driving beat that gives the song a sense of urgency and excitement. The song’s lyrics express the joy and freedom of being released from the constraints of school and the possibilities that come with that newfound freedom. “School is Out” is a fun and catchy song that captures the sense of excitement and possibility that can come with the end of the school year.

13. High School Confidential – Jerry Lee Lewis

“High School Confidential” is a rock and roll song by Jerry Lee Lewis that was released in 1958. The song features Lewis’s signature piano playing and distinctive vocal style, as well as a catchy and upbeat melody that makes it a classic of the rock and roll era. The song’s lyrics speak to the thrill and excitement of young love and the feeling of being caught up in a forbidden romance. “High School Confidential” is a fun and energetic song that captures the youthful exuberance and rebellion of the rock and roll era.

14. School Days – The Runaways

School Days by The Runaways is a classic rock song that tells the story of a high school girl who can’t stand her school, teachers, and homework. The rebellious spirit of the song is embodied by the band’s signature aggressive guitar riffs, driving drum beats, and the powerful vocals of frontwoman Joan Jett. The song’s chorus is a catchy and memorable sing-along that encourages the listener to shout along with the band, “School Days, School Days, Good old golden rule days.”

15. Be True to Your School – The Beach Boys

Be True to Your School is a popular surf rock song by The Beach Boys that celebrates school spirit and loyalty. The song is a fun and upbeat tribute to the band’s alma mater, Hawthorne High School in California. The lyrics encourage students to support their school’s sports teams and to be proud of their academic achievements. The song features the Beach Boys’ signature harmonies and upbeat instrumentation, including the use of handclaps and cheerleader chants. Be True to Your School is a timeless classic that celebrates the importance of school pride and team spirit.

16. What Did You Learn in School Today? – Pete Seeger and Tom Paxton

“What Did You Learn in School Today?” is a folk song written by Tom Paxton, and it was performed and recorded by Pete Seeger. The song is a commentary on the state of the educational system in America and the failure of schools to teach young people critical thinking skills. The song’s lyrics are sardonic and take a critical look at the educational system. The catchy tune and sing-along chorus make it a great tune for anyone to enjoy. The song is an excellent example of how music can be used to address important social issues and make them more accessible to the general public.

17. School Mam – The Stranglers

“School Mam” is a song by The Stranglers, a British punk rock band. The song was released in 1978 and features a hard-driving, punk rock sound that is characteristic of the band’s style. The lyrics of the song are humorous and tell the story of a young man’s infatuation with his school teacher. The song’s lyrics are witty and irreverent, with a touch of the band’s characteristic irony. The driving beat and frenzied guitars make it a great tune for fans of punk and rock music. “School Mam” is an excellent example of the band’s unique sound and style and is sure to delight fans of their music.

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