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Recent research has shown that videos have a significant ability to engage internet users, making them one of the most popular ways of generating leads online. Of the 45% of people who watch online videos every day, two-thirds prefer shorter videos, and they are more likely to purchase a product after watching them, as reported by Forbes Media. This shows just how crucial videos are both for digital marketing and education purposes. That said, you need a high-quality video-maker such as Toonly to make simple yet attractive and engaging videos for your online business. For more insights about this topic, here is a detailed Toonly review.

What is Toonly?

Put simply, Toonly is software that enables you to create short sales and explainer videos that capture the attention of your audience and compel them to purchase your products. More specifically, you can use it to make animation videos that either explain your business or describe instructions on how to use your products. Toonly comes with magnificent features that give you everything you need to create eye-catching videos with zero technical skills.

How It Works

Toonly has an interface where you can drag and drop your preferred images and objects into the editor and add dialogues of your choice. It also lets you edit the videos using the top-notch features available. Once you’ve created the video of your liking, you can then export it to your destination site for engagement with your online target audience.

About the Creator

Brad Callen, the founder, and CEO of Bryxen has created several video creation software, including Toonly. So far, each video-creation software has its own unique features to serve different purposes, and as such, Brad and the entire Bryxen company created Toonly to give users more options.

Who Needs Toonly?

According to the Digital Information World (DIW), the average attention span of a person is only about eight seconds. This means that eight seconds are all you have to capture the attention of your audience and put your message across. With Toonly in the picture, anyone who wants to engage an audience using creative and appealing video graphics can use it. Examples of parties who need Toonly include, among others:

• Digital marketers who want to create engaging videos
• Educators who want to simplify their content
• YouTubers who want to get more creative
• E-commerce entrepreneurs who want to create sales videos
• Anyone intending to make animation videos for fun

Key Software Features

Toonly comes with amazing features that enable you to create appealing videos that gain a lot of engagement. You simply need to play around with different features to come up with something spectacular in a matter of minutes. That said, check out some of the Toonly features below.
• Click and Drag – This feature allows you to easily click on the images you want to use in your video, drag, and drop them in the Toonly editor. The Toonly site also offers tutorials for creating the videos. In other words, you don’t need any technical knowledge or skills to make a Toonly video. With this site, coding is completely out of the picture.

• Unlimited Images – To create a video with Toonly, you need to choose the right images, depending on the content of your video. The good news is that Toonly comes with unlimited images, all to give you countless options for better quality. Even better, the pictures are not stock images like the ones you’ll find on every internet page, and so, you’ll have something unique.

• Export feature – Toonly only lets you create your favorite video, but you will have to choose where you use it. Thankfully, there is an easy way of exporting videos directly to your site after creation, and so you won’t go through the hassle of downloading it manually.

• No installation Restrictions – Once you purchase your Toonly, no one cares about where you install it. You can install it on your personal computer, desktop, and even phone too, without having to pay again.

• 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee – Toonly never goes wrong even once. It offers five-star services, with lots of support and tutorials available to help you navigate. However, if for any reason you want to leave the site, you can still receive a refund within 30 days.

• Royalty-Free Audio Tracks – Toonly videos engage well with some music tracks embedded. With Toonly, you have numerous audio tracks at your disposal to give your video the much-needed oomph.

How Toonly Can Help You

Apart from having fun creating short animation videos, Toonly is an excellent tool for your daily marketing and educational videos. Here is what Toonly videos can do for you:

• Make the message to your audience fun, effective, and understandable
• Help in informing and educating
• Videos are easily sharable, and that’s what Toonly offers you
• They are super engaging
• Consumers are more likely to retain the message with animation videos


With many video-editing software in the market, you need one that gives you all you need for your services. Here are some of the pros of Toonly.

• Easy to Use – Given that you only need to drag and drop objects, creating videos on Toonly is straightforward. In case of any difficulty, on-site tutorials will come in handy, but rest assured that you don’t need any coding knowledge.

• Has Editing Options – If the video you’ve created doesn’t impress you, you can always go back to the drawing board for any edit. Toonly has tons of features to enable you to comfortably edit your videos using customized features of your preference.

• Multiple Features – Apart from the basic features that enable the creation of videos, you can also change colors, backgrounds, and dialogue to develop something magical that will excite your audience. You can also upload your own images in the software.

• Creates High-Quality Videos – If you need appealing videos that will capture the attention of your target audience, Toonly has got you covered.

• 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee – You can easily discontinue use within 30 days and get a refund.

• Regular Updates – The Toonly development team is always working hard to improve the features of this software to enhance user experience. In case of a gap in the operational features, it won’t take long before the team improves it.


• Requires payment before trial


Toonly offers two pricing plans; monthly and annual subscriptions. The monthly package consists of the standard and enterprise plan, which costs $39 and $69 respectively. The enterprise plan has more features and benefits compared to the standard one, and it is so far, more popular. On the other hand, the monthly cost of the standard and enterprise plans billed annually is $20 and $40 respectively. This means that the annual plan saves you a whopping 49% off the cost of Toonly. With a 30-day money-back guarantee, you shouldn’t be afraid of purchasing this software as you can still get a refund.

What Others are Saying About Toonly

Currently, Toonly has users from all over the world, and so far, the experience is awesome for everyone using it. Based on the online reviews, it’s easier to create projects on Toonly than on PowerPoint, and lip-syncing your spoken words with the characters in the video is easy-peasy. Additionally, the price is affordable and worth the features available. Some users like the friendly user interface, and the fact that you don’t need coding skills to create a video on Toonly. Also, the team has great customer support who even guides on how to use the advanced options like a pro.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

• Do I need an internet connection to use Toonly?

Yes, you should have an internet connection as the images, graphics, and sounds used are mostly from the internet and the data cloud.

• Does Toonly support multiple languages?
Yes, it can work with any language. Additionally, you can also upload your own fonts to the software in the .tiff format to make your creation more customized.

• What file formats are the videos created by Toonly?
Toonly creates .mp4 videos in the most straightforward way, allowing you to upload them on any site, including your YouTube channel.

• How do I access new features if I have already purchased?
Developers at Bryxen Inc. always improve the features of their software from time to time. Since Toonly is a desktop app as well as web software, you will receive notifications directly to your computer whenever there is a system upgrade. This way, you will be able to update your Toonly into the latest version for a better experience.

• Can I suggest additional features to be added to Toonly?
Absolutely. The Toonly team greatly values user experience and customer feedback. That said, if there is a feature you would like added to the site or another feature removed, you can always suggest it to the customer support team. This way, you get to enjoy your preferred features in the subsequent updates.


If you create video content for your audience, then you should use Toonly, especially if you are a digital marketer, educator, and business owner. To have a first-hand experience and create quality sales and explainer videos, sign up for Toonly now and grow your online business.

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