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Thanks to the CVID19 pandemic, many workers have found their salaries being slashed. The extremely unlucky ones have lost their jobs. All of them are looking for a way to earn money to make their ends meet. Unfortunately, no new jobs are on offer right now. Students want to earn some extra pocket money during their free time. Both of them have the opportunity of earning money from the comfort of their home, doing part-time jobs such as completing surveys through ySense, a website that offers work-from-home opportunities. For full details, go through my ySense review.

To work for ySense, one first needs to register their details on the company’s website. They first have to fill a form with their email address and password (create a new password and note it down somewhere, as you will need it to log in to the site). You next have to fill another form with your first and last name. Next up is the page where you have to input your desired username. It is the name other members of the site will know you by. ySense will send you a verification link via email. You have to log into your email, open the mail you just received from the company, and click on the verification link. Following this, your browser will redirect you to ySense’s website. You have to unlock surveys by completing an e-minute survey, in which you have to provide your details like gender, date of birth, zip code, state, educational background, and various other options before you complete the process and can take real surveys.

Completing surveys
As mentioned above, once you complete the initial step, you can take surveys. I believe that the site provides you with surveys based on the demographics you provided when you first filled up the form with your details. I am not clicking any survey for the time being, but I can already see five surveys available. The site clearly says that users cannot click each survey more than once. To see more surveys, click on the “Offers” option at the top of the page. It is loaded with surveys from many more companies. I strongly suggest that you also click “Task,” the other option available at the top. You shall start earning money in no time. Unlike other similar sites, this website does not impose any limit on the number of times a user can access the survey routers. According to the company, certain routers permit just one completed survey per day. To get around this bottleneck, try accessing the surveys at different times of the day. I strongly suggest that you attempt to complete as many surveys per day as possible to earn a decent amount of money per month. Make sure that you complete each survey by providing accurate information.

Referral program
Apart from earning money by completing surveys, the site also offers you an opportunity to make passive income by referring the site to other relatives and friends living in tier one countries. You get a unique link when you visit the referral page. You can either tweet that or share it with your friends via email. You get a commission of $0.10 to $0.30 each time someone from the select list of countries signs up with ySense through your link. The site also provides you with 20% of the sum earned by your referrals each time they complete a survey. Therefore, forward the link to as many of your friends, as possible. The list of tier-one countries includes Austria, Australia, Brazil, Belgium, Chile, Canada, Denmark, France, Finland, Greece, Germany, Hong Kong, Israel, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Malaysia, New Zealand, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Poland, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Spain, South Korea, Switzerland, Sweden, Thailand, United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, and the United States.

Is the site legitimate?
People typically use “Get Paid to” sites to earn money. However, many such sites never pay you after you have completed the assignments. You can rest assured that ySense is a legitimate site. You will not waste your effort and time completing surveys on it, as long as you follow the simple rule of providing accurate information in the surveys. This site is so popular that tens of thousands of users from across the globe use it to earn money completing small surveys.

How much money can I earn?
Do not expect this site to make you rich. However, you can use it to augment your offline earnings. Many of my friends have earned more than 1,000 Dollars per year through it. However, becoming a premium member allows you to earn much more money. Premium members receive premium targeted ads, a guaranteed 4 daily standard ads, higher sign up commissions from referrals, higher commissions from referrals, and 8-levels downline upgrade commissions. You need $17 to upgrade to a premium account.

Do I have to visit the site daily?
Unless you visit the site daily, you cannot know about new surveys. To bypass this problem, you can install a browser plugin available for Chrome, Firefox, and Edge 79+. Once installed, you can keep track of your account with the click of a mouse button, as well as receive information about new surveys as soon as they are put up on the site. This saves you the time and energy required to login to the site several times a day to check for new surveys and to know about your earnings.

Interact with other members
The site also has a forum in which you can interact with fellow members in case you are facing any problems. You can also post feature requests in the forum as well as discuss and share your task experience over here. It also provides you with an opportunity to introduce yourself to the ySense community.

Only surveys?
Surveys apart, you can also take part in completing tasks for others. You can access this section by clicking on the “Tasks” option at the top of the page. For example, I found several tasks available, including one that offered $0.07 for transcribing data. The amount might seem trivial, but it all adds up at the end of the day. Remember, you might have to sign up with other websites to do these tasks.

How to earn more money
Be extremely careful while completing your profile, as this is extremely vital if you want to have success in ySense. Although there are many surveys and offers, not all members can see them as these tasks are targeted at those who have the requisite knowledge. Do not expect to receive surveys from companies promoting products for kids if you do not have a kid. It works the same way in other fields too. Therefore, take time to complete your profile carefully, as this helps the site know more about you and your interests, allowing them to send you relevant offers and surveys that you are more likely to qualify for.

Availability of surveys
You should make sure that ySense accepts members from your country. You will find out about this while completing your profile form. The site determines your country by the zip code. If it accepts it, it will allow you to proceed further to complete the form and start doing surveys. Remember, you will receive the maximum number of surveys from your country. This site tries to be fair to its clients. If you are from Thailand, chances are not so bright that you will be familiar with a recently launched product available only in the United States. However, if that product or service is available in your country, you will see it in the list of surveys. WARNING! If you are a frequent traveler, never access your ySense account from a different country. If you do so, the servers of the company will mark your account as fraudulent and close it. This implies that all of your earnings will be forfeited.

Mobile friendly
You can use this site on your desktop, laptop, as well as on smartphones. It provides you with an opportunity to complete a survey while commuting from one place to the other. As the size is optimized for mobiles, its pages resize according to the size of the screen of your device. This means that you will not have to drag your screen left and right to view the entire page. NOTE: ySense does not have any mobile apps.

Offers are another awesome way to earn money in “get paid to” sites. Click on the “Offers” tab on the top to view a drop-down menu of the different companies that have offers available for you. To complete the offer, your browser will be redirected to the website of the third party. In most cases, you will see your rewards immediately in your ySense account after completing the task.

Getting paid
ySense offers payments through several payment gateways including popular ones like PayPal, Skrill, and Payoneer. However, the accumulated amount differs. For Skrill, you have to have a minimum of $5.05 before you can withdraw money. The amount for PayPal and Payoneer is $10, and $52, respectively.

• Available worldwide
• Offers a lot of payment options
• Lots of bonuses for increasing your earning
• Offers multiple ways to earn
• 100% free to join

• High payout threshold
• Pay is low
• Reward processing takes up to 15 days for new accounts
• High disqualification rate from surveys

This site is better than other money making sites such as Neobux

What others are saying:
“I managed to earn more than $1,000 in the first six months.” Joe Armstrong
“I love the passive income option of this site.” Jude Thomson
“The extra income earned helps me manage my inflating expenses.” Julie Scott

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